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671. The Habitable-Zone Planet Finder: A Stabilized Fiber-Fed NIR Spectrograph for the Hobby-Eberly Telescope
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/24/2012
Authors: Scott A Diddams, Suvrath Mahadevan, Lawrence W. Ramsey , Chad F. Bender, Ryan Terrien, Jason T. Wright, Samuel Halverson, Fred Hearty, M Nelson, Adam Burton, Stephen Lewis Redman, Steve Osterman, James Kasting, Michael Endl
Abstract: We present the scientific motivation and conceptual design for the recently funded Habitable-zone Planet Finder (HPF), a stabilized fiber-fed near-infrared (NIR) spectrograph for the 10 meter class Hobby-Eberly Telescope(HET) that will be capable of ...

672. The Impact of Dispersion on Amplitude and Frequency Noise in a Yb-fiber Laser Comb
Topic: Physics
Published: 5/1/2011
Authors: Lora L Nugent-Glandorf, Todd Johnson, Yohei Kobayashi, Scott A Diddams
Abstract: We describe a Yb-fiber based laser comb, with a focus on the relationship between net cavity dispersion and the amplitude noise and frequency noise on the comb. While tuning the net cavity dispersion from anomalous to normal, we measure the amplitude ...

673. The Infrared Spectra of C2H4+ and C2H3 Trapped in Solid Neon
Topic: Physics
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Marilyn E Jacox, Warren Elwin Thompson
Abstract: When a mixture of ethylene in a large excess of neon is codeposited at 4.3 K with a beam of neon atoms that have been excited in a microwave discharge, two groups of product absorptions appear in the infrared spectrum of the deposit. Similar studies ...

674. The Materials Dosimetry Reference Facility (MDRF)
Topic: Physics
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: J A Grundl, E D Mcgarry, A I Hawari, P A Simpson, R Venkataraman, Charles M. Eisenhauer

675. The Need for a Robust Precise Time and Frequency Alternative to Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Topic: Physics
Published: 9/17/2012
Authors: Michael A Lombardi, Mitch Narins, Per Engen, Ben Peterson, Sherman Lo, Dennis Akos
Abstract: Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) services are key enablers of both essential safety and security applications and economically beneficial capacity and efficiency applications worldwide. Whether users are ground-based, sea-based or in the air ...

676. The New SI: The Role of CODATA
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/1/2011
Authors: David B Newell, Peter J Mohr, Barry Norman Taylor
Abstract: The mission of the International Council for Science : Committee on Data for Science and Technology (CODATA ) is to strengthen international science for the benefit of society by promoting improved scientific and technical data management and use. ...

677. The Nuts and Bolts and Results of Fluorine Bomb Calorimetry
Topic: Physics
Published: 12/1/1999
Author: P A O'Hare

678. The Relativistic Red Shift with 2 {multiply} 10^u-17^ Uncertainty at NIST, Boulder, CO USA
Topic: Physics
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: N K Pavlis , Marc A Weiss

679. The SIM Time Network
Topic: Physics
Published: 3/1/2011
Authors: Michael A Lombardi, Andrew N Novick, J. Mauricio Lopez-Romero, Francisco Jimenez, Eduardo de Carlos Lopez, Jean-Simon Boulanger, Raymond Pelletier, Ricardo de Carvalho, Raul Solis, Harold Sanchez, Carlos Andres Quevedo, Gregory Pascoe, Daniel Perez, Eduardo Bances, Leonardo Trigo, Victor Masil, Henry Postigo, Anthony Questelles
Abstract: The Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia (SIM) is a regional metrology organization (RMO) whose members are the national metrology institutes (NMIs) located in the 34 nations of the Organization of American States (OAS). The SIM/OAS region extends t ...

680. The SIM Time Network and its Contributions to Metrology in the Americas
Topic: Physics
Published: 4/1/2009
Author: Michael A Lombardi
Abstract: The SIM Time Network (SIMTN) has been one of the great success stories of the Sistema Interamericano de Metrologia (SIM), a regional metrology organization (RMO) that includes the 34 member nations of the Organization of American States (OAS). The S ...

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