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711. 6.00 Atomic Spectroscopy
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Wolfgang Lothar Wiese
Abstract: A compendium of basic facts, data and formulas of atomic spectroscopy is presented, to serve as part of a physicist s desk reference volume.

712. Abraham's Force on a Highly Dispersive Medium
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Paul D Lett, L Wang
Abstract: We consider the radiation force on highly dispersive media. In doing so we reconsider an experiment proposed to measure the Abraham force term in the stress-energy tensor at optical frequencies by measuring the displacement of a transparent dielectr ...

713. Advances in Atomic Structure Calculations
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: Correlation and relativistic effects are both needed for accurate atomic structure calculations of energy levels and their atomic properties. For transition probabilities between low-lying levels of a spectrum, accurate wave functions for the outer r ...

714. Bose-Einstein Condensation: The Cure for Decoherence Arising From Inhomogeneity
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Eric A Cornell
Abstract: The collective behavior of a self-interacting Bose-condensed gas of two-level atoms makes it esentially immune to dephasing from inhomogenous fields. We review some of the relevant experiments.

715. Characterization of Standard Reference Material 2942, Ce-Ion-Doped Glass, Spectral Correction Standard for UV Fluorescence
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Paul C DeRose, Melody V Smith, Klaus Mielenz, Jeffrey R. Anderson, Gary W Kramer
Abstract: Standard Reference Material (SRM) 2942 is a cuvette-shaped, Ce-ion-doped glass, recommended for use for relative spectral correction of emission and day-to-day performance verification of steady-state fluorescence spectrometers. Properties of this st ...

716. Development of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Standards: Assignment of Equivalent Reference Fluorophores (ERF) Unit
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Lili Wang, Adolfas Kastytis Gaigalas
Abstract: A procedure is described for assigning values of the number of equivalent reference fluorophores (ERF) to microspheres labeled with a fluorophore designed to produce fluorescence in a given channel of a multicolor flow cytometer. There is a different ...

717. Laser Stabilization
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John L. Hall, Jun Ye, M S Taubman
Abstract: It becomes clear that there are many interlinking considerations involved in the design of-laser stabilization systems, and it is difficult to present a full description in an article such as this. Still it is hoped that the reader will see some ave ...

718. Methods for Evaluation of Transmittance Minima in Wavenumber Standards Spectra: A Comparison and Analysis
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Leonard M Hanssen, C. J. Zhu
Abstract: The final two elements in the process of wavenumber calibration of a spectrometer involve software processing. These are (a) the generation of a spectrum through the Fourier transform processing of the measured interferogram (for Fourier transform s ...

719. NIST Highlight for Optical Radiation News
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Gerald T Fraser
Abstract: Highlights of Optical Technology activities for the CORM biannual newsletter.

720. Observations and modeling of normal-metal/insulator/superconductor refrigerator cooling from 300 mK to below 100 mK
Topic: Physics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Galen C O'Neil, Peter Joseph Lowell, Joel Nathan Ullom, Jason M Underwood
Abstract: In a refrigerator, heat is moved from one system to another and this movement requires an additional dissipated power. It is desirable to both isolate the cooled system, so that its temperature may differ from the bath, and to heatsink the heated sys ...

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