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11. Kinetic Lattice Monte Carlo Model for Oxygen Vacancy Diffusion in Praseodymium-Doped Ceria: Applications to Materials Design
Topic: Alternative Energy
Published: 2/12/2011
Authors: Pratik Dholabhai, Shahriar Anwar, James B. Adams, Peter A. Crozier, Renu Sharma
Abstract: Abstract We present a kinetic lattice Monte Carlo model for investigating the oxygen vacancy diffusion in praseodymium-doped ceria. The current approach uses a database of activation energies for oxygen vacancy migration, calculated using first-prin ...

12. First-principles Study of Defect Migration in RE-doped Ceria (RE = Pr, Gd)
Topic: Alternative Energy
Published: 2/2/2011
Authors: Pratik Dholabhai, James B. Adams, Peter A. Crozier, Renu Sharma
Abstract: Oxygen vacancy formation and migration in ceria (CeO2) is central to its performance as an ionic conductor. Ceria doped with suitable aliovalent dopants has enhanced oxygen ion conductivity ‹ higher than that of yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ), the ...

13. Challenges and Opportunities of Organic Electronics
Topic: Alternative Energy
Published: 4/2/2010
Author: Calvin Chan

14. Organic Electronics: Challenges and Opportunities
Topic: Alternative Energy
Published: 3/31/2010
Author: Calvin Chan

15. Standard Reference Data for the Thermophysical Properties of Biofuels
Topic: Alternative Energy
Published: 3/25/2010
Authors: Mark O McLinden, Thomas J Bruno, Michael Frenkel, Marcia L Huber
Abstract: The thermophysical properties of biofuels are required for the efficient design of every step in their production, distribution, and utilization. We provide an overview of properties research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIS ...

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