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1. Calibration of rheometers for cementitious materials
Published: 5/16/2016
Authors: Chiara F Ferraris, Nicos Martys, William L George, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Alex Olivas
Abstract: The calibration of rheometers to determine the rheological properties of cement based materials ranging from cement paste to concrete cannot be done using standard oils as they are cost prohibitive and do not possess sufficient granularity to test sl ...

2. Intrinsic Conductivity of Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene Sheets Having a Realistic Geometry
Published: 11/23/2015
Authors: Luis Fernando Vargas Lara, Ahmed M. Hassan, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: The addition of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene sheets (GSs) into polymeric materials such as epoxy resins can greatly enhance the conductivity and alter the electromagnetic response of the resulting nanocomposite material. The extent of thes ...

3. Microstructural Origins of Cement Paste Degradation by External Sulfate Attack
Published: 10/15/2015
Authors: Pan Feng, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Changwen Miao, Jeffrey W Bullard
Abstract: A microstructure model has been applied to simulate near-surface degradation of portland cement paste in contact with a sodium sulfate solution. This new model uses thermodynamic equilibrium calculations to guide both compositional and microstructure ...

4. Percolation phase diagrams for multi-phase models built on the overlapping sphere model
Published: 9/16/2015
Author: Edward Joseph Garboczi
Abstract: The overlapping sphere (OS) model gives a two-phase microstructure (matrix plus inclusions) that is useful for testing out composite material ideas and other applications, as well as serving as a paradigm of continuum percolation and phase transition ...

5. A real microstructural model for cement concrete modeling
Published: 5/24/2015
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Yang Lu, Stephen Thomas
Abstract: Existing concrete microstructural models of particles embedded in matrix materials are only represented by regular shape particles like spheres, ellipsoids, or multi-faceted polyhedrons. However, the real particle shapes are more complex and sometime ...

6. Improved Model for Three-Dimensional Virtual Concrete: Anm Model
Published: 5/8/2015
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Yang Lu, Stephen Thomas
Abstract: Construction aggregate particles, fine or coarse, can be mathematically characterized using spherical harmonic series and used to simulate random parking of irregular aggregates to form a virtual mortar or concrete using the Anm model. Any other simi ...

7. Free Space Microwave Non Destructive Characterization of Composite Materials
Published: 5/4/2015
Authors: Jan Obrzut, Ahmed M. Hassan, Edward Joseph Garboczi
Abstract: We present a free-space microwave experimental measurement system for the non-destructive testing of composite materials. The system operates in the Q- frequency band of 30 GHz to 50 GHz with fixed wave propagation distance between free-space antenna ...

8. Interplay of particle shape and suspension properties: a study of cube-like particles
Published: 3/20/2015
Authors: Debra Jean Audus, Ahmed M. Hassan, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: With advances in anisotropic particle synthesis, particle shape is now a feasible parameter for tuning suspension properties. However, there is a need to determine how these newly synthesized particles affect suspension properties and a need to solve ...

9. Free-space reconstruction of the electrical properties of carbon nanotube based composites in the Q- band range
Published: 3/16/2015
Authors: Ahmed M. Hassan, Jan Obrzut, Edward Joseph Garboczi
Abstract: A free-space transmission-reflection measurement method for the non-destructive electrical characterization of carbon nanotube based composites was developed. Specifically, this versatile method measures the dielectric properties of the sample in th ...

10. Computing the Time Evolution of the Apparent Viscoelastic/Viscoplastic Poisson's Ratio of Hydrating Cement Paste
Published: 2/15/2015
Authors: Li xiodan, Zachary Grasley, Jeffrey W Bullard, Edward Joseph Garboczi
Abstract: A computational model has been developed that combines finite element methods with microstructure development simulations to quantitatively predict the viscoelastic/viscoplastic relaxation of cement paste due to intrinsic calcium silicate hydrate vis ...

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