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121. Design Repositories: Next-Generation Engineering Design Databases
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Simon Szykman, Christophe Bochenek, J Racz, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: Summary of the NIST Design Repository Project, revised with some additional content on representation of function in computer-based design, and using XML to describe function and taxonomies in computer-based design.

122. Representation of Heterogeneous Objects in ISO 10303 (STEP)
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Lalit Patil, D Dutta, Amba D. Bhatt, Kevin K Jurrens, Kevin W Lyons, Mike Pratt, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: Solid modeling of objects forms an important task in design and manufacturing. Recent developments in the field of layered manufacturing have shown potential for the physical realization of heterogeneous (multi-material) objects. Thus, there is ...

123. Representing an Artifact Transport System in a Design Repository: A Case Study
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Robert Allen, Ram D Sriram, Simon Szykman, Robert J Fijol
Abstract: We report on a case study representing the design essence of a prototype ultra-high vacuum artifact transport system (ATS) in an existing design repository (DR). Specifically, we represent engineering geometry, function and assosiated behavior, as we ...

124. The Role of Standards in Innovation
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Robert Allen, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: We review and explore the role of standards in innovation, with particular emphasis on the design and manufacturing processes. We begin by defining and classifying standards and by exploring their role and infrastructure in society. This is followed ...

125. Web-Based System for Design Artifact Modeling
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Simon Szykman, J Racz, Christophe Snowden, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: Modern engineering industry is relying more and more on the use of knowledge in product development. The NIST-Design Repository Project, at NIST, is working to develop infra-structural technologies to support the use of design repositories in industr ...

126. Enhancing Collaboration using an Internet Integrated Workbench
Published: 9/1/1999
Authors: Robert Allen, Srinivas Nidamarthi, S P Regalla, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: We report on our experience using an Internet-based collaborative environment to enhance the design and manufacturing process of a custom-designed artifact transport system (ATS). Specifically, we focus on overcoming the hurdles associated ...

127. Incoporating Process Planning into Conceptual Design
Published: 9/1/1999
Authors: Shaw C Feng, Gordon Allan Shaw, Walter W Nederbragt, Serge Kaing, Ram D Sriram
Abstract: This paper describes recent developments in the Design and Process Planning Integration (DPPI) project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The project addresses the need for improved communication between design and process ...

128. The Representation of Function in Computer-Based Design
Published: 9/1/1999
Authors: Simon Sykman, Ram D Sriram, J Racz
Abstract: This paper proposes a standardized representation of function for use by the research community, industry, and eventually commercial software vendors. This includes schemata (information models) for representation of function and associated ...

129. The Use of XML to Describe Function and Taxonomies in Computer-based Design
Published: 9/1/1999
Authors: Simon Sykman, Ram D Sriram, Jocelyn Senfaute
Abstract: This paper presents a mapping of a standardized representation of a function, consisting of schemata for functions and associated flows. Along with taxonomies of generic functions and flows, into the Extensible Markup Language (XML). A lang ...

130. Observations from Multidisciplinary, Internet-Based Collaboration on a Practical Design Project
Published: 8/1/1999
Authors: Robert Allen, Ram D Sriram, Srinivas Nidamarthi, S P Regalla
Abstract: Industry and academia are increasingly demonstrating the benefits of Internet based collaborative work for product design and development. For example, collaborating via the Internet for design teams at Boeing, and efforts to understand and ...

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