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51. Neutron reflectivity characterization of the photoacid reaction-diffusion latent and developed images of molecular resists for extreme-ultraviolet lithography
Published: 5/11/2012
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, Shuhui Kang, Wen-Li Wu, Sushil K. Satija, Christopher K. Ober, Jing Sha, Peter V. Bonnesen
Abstract: Lithographic feature size requirements have approached a few radius of gyration of chemically-amplified photoresist polymers used in thin film patterning. Further, the feature dimensions are commensurate with the photoacid diffusion length that defin ...

52. Photoacid Generator Dispersion in Partially Fluorinated Photoresist Polymers and their Blends
Published: Date unknown
Authors: David Lloyd VanderHart, Vivek M Prabhu
Abstract: Solid state proton NMR methods are used to probe the intimacy of mixing in materials relevant to photoresist applications. Bulk blends, made solvent casting, consisted of partially fluorinated polymers and the photoacid generator, di(t-butylphenyl) ...

53. Photoresist latent and developer images as probed by neutron reflectivity methods
Published: 9/16/2010
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, Shuhui Kang, David Lloyd VanderHart, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Photoresist materials enable the fabrication of advanced integrated circuits with ever decreasing feature sizes. As next-generation light sources are developed, using extreme ultraviolet light of wavelength 13.5 nm, these highly-tuned formulations m ...

54. Polyelectrolyte Effects in Model Photoresist Developer Solutions
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: We demonstrate that the industrially relevant deprotected photoresist poly(4-hydroxy styrene) is a polyelectrolyte when dissolved in aqueous base solutions. These findings demonstrate the well-known monomer-monomer correlations indicative of polyel ...

55. Polyelectrolyte Effects in Model Photoresist Developer Solutions: Roles of Base Concentration and Added Salts
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, Ronald Leland Jones, Eric K Lin, Christopher L Soles, Wen-Li Wu, D L Goldfarb, M Angelopoulos

56. Polymer Dynamics and Diffusive Properties in Ultra-Thin Photoresist Films
Published: 2/1/2003
Authors: Christopher L Soles, Ronald Leland Jones, Joseph~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined~undefined Lenhart, Vivek M Prabhu, Wen-Li Wu, Eric K Lin, D L Goldfarb, M Angelopoulos
Abstract: A series of experiments are presented to demonstrate thin film confinement effects on the diffusive properties in poly(tert-butoxycarboxystyrene) (PBOCSt). Bilayer diffusion couple measurements reveal that as the thickness of a PBOCSt film is decrea ...

57. Proton NMR Determination of Miscibility in a Bulk Model Photoresist System Poly (4-Hydroxystyene) and the Photoacid Generator, Di(t-butylphenyl) Iodonium Perfluorooctane Sulfonate
Published: 7/13/2004
Authors: David Lloyd VanderHart, Vivek M Prabhu, Eric K Lin
Abstract: The intimacy of component mixing in 2 blends of poly(4-hydroxystyrene) (PHS) and a photoacid generator (PAG), di(t-butylphenyl) iodonium perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) were studied by solid state proton NMR. Mass ratios were 91/9 and 85/15 PHS/PFO ...

58. Proton NMR Determination of Miscibility in a Bulk Model Photoresist System: Poly(4-hydroxystyrene) and the Photoacid Generator, Di-(t-butylphenyl) Iodonium Perfluorooctanesulfonate
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: David Lloyd VanderHart, Vivek M Prabhu, Eric K Lin

59. Quantitative Depth Profiling of Photoacid Generators in Photoresist Materials by Near-Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
Published: 5/9/2006
Authors: Vivek M Prabhu, S Sambasivan, Daniel A Fischer, Linda K Sundberg, Robert D Allen
Abstract: We apply near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure (NEXAFS) spectroscopy to quantify the surface composition and depth profiling of photoacid generators in thin film photoresist materials by varying the entrance-grid bias of the photoelectron detecto ...

60. Quantitative Measurement of the Polydispersity in the Extent of Functionalization of Glass Forming Resorcinarenes
Published: 5/1/2009
Authors: William E Wallace III, Kathleen M. Flynn, Charles Martin Guttman, David Lloyd VanderHart, Vivek M Prabhu, Anuja De Silva, Nelson Felix, Christopher K. Ober
Abstract: The polydispersity in the degree of functionalization for two calix[4]resorcinarenes was determined by measuring their molecular mass distribution with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry. A mathematical meth ...

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