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151. Ultracold Collisions: Associative Ionization in a Laser Trap, ed. by L. Moi
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: Paul D Lett, Poul Jessen, C I Westbrook, Steven L Rolston, William D Phillips, Paul S Julienne, P L Gould

152. Atoms in Optical Molasses, ed. by L. Moi, S. Gozzini, E. Arimondo, and F. Strumia
Published: 1/1/1990
Authors: William D Phillips, Paul D Lett, S L. Rolston, C E Tanner, R N. Watts, C I Westbrook, Salomon c, Jean Dalibard, Clairon a, S Guellati

153. Atoms in Optical Molasses: Applications to Frequency Standards,
Published: 1/1/1990
Authors: William D Phillips, Paul D Lett, S L. Rolston, C E Tanner, R N. Watts, C I Westbrook, C Salomon, Jean Dalibard, A Clairon, S Guellati

154. Advanced Laser Cooling for the Atomic Space Clock
Published: Date unknown
Authors: V Boyer, L Lising, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: An atomic clock works by comparing the frequency of a local oscillator (a micrwave generator) with the hyperfine transition of the cesium atom at 9.2 GHz. In general, the precision of a clock is limited by the observation time. For an atomic clock, i ...

155. Coherent Splitting of Bose-Einstein Condensed Atoms With Optically Induced Bragg Diffraction
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M M Kozuma, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, J Wen, R Lutwak, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: We exposed Bose-Einstein condensed sodium atoms to a traveling periodic optical potential and observed coherent splitting of the condensate due to Bragg diffraction. Using the momentum selectivity of the scattering, we were able to separate a compon ...

156. Creation of Macroscopic Superposition States from Arrays of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J A Dunningham, Karen G. Burnett, R Roth, William D Phillips
Abstract: We consider how macroscopic quantum superpositions may be created from arrays of Bose-Einstein condensates. We study a system of three condensates in Fock states, all with the same number of atoms and show that this has the form of a highly entangle ...

157. Deeply Subrecoil Two-Dimensional Raman Cooling
Published: Date unknown
Authors: V Boyer, L Lising, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips

158. Gravitational Wave Detectors Based on Matter Wave Interferometers (MIGO) Are No Better Than Laser Interferometers (LIGO)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: A Roura, Dieter Brill, B- L Hu, Charles Misner, William D Phillips

159. Laboratory Experiments for Fundamental Physics in Space
Published: Date unknown
Author: William D Phillips
Abstract: Laboratory Experiments refers generally to active spaceborne experiments as opposed to the equally important passive observation in space of signals coming from more distant sources. My purpose in this presentation is to highlight a number of oppo ...

160. Laser Cooling and Trapping Group - WWW Home Page
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Paul D Lett, Kristian Helmerson, William D Phillips
Abstract: The laser cooling and trapping group studies the physics of laser cooling, electromagnetic trapping and other radiative manipulation of neutral atoms and dielectric particles. These fundamental studies are used to develop applications to new kinds o ...

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