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11. Efficient multi-wave mixing in ultra slow propagation regime and the role of multi-photon quantum destructive interference,
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Y Wu, M G Payne, Edward W Hagley, Lu Deng
Abstract: We analyze a lifetime-broadened four-state four-wave-mixing (FWM) scheme in the ultraslow propagation regime and show that the generated FWM field can acquire the same group velocity and pulse shape as those of an ultraslow pump field. We show ...

12. Fast, All-Optical, Zero to PI Continuously Controllable Kerr Phase Gate
Published: 3/13/2013
Authors: Runbing Li, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley
Abstract: We demonstrate a fast-responding Kerr phase gate using a room-temperature 85Rb vapor operated in a Raman gain scheme where the probe/signal wave travels ,superluminallyŠ. Continuously controllable nonlinear Kerr phase shift of the probe wave from 0 ...

13. Fast, Optically Controlled Kerr Phase Shifter for Digital Signal Processing
Published: 4/18/2013
Authors: Runbing Li, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Joshua C Bienfang, Zachary H Levine
Abstract: We demonstrate an optically controlled Kerr phase shifter using a room-temperature Rb85 vapor operating in a Raman gain scheme. Phase shifts from zero to 𝜋 relative to an unshifted reference wave are observed, and gated operations are dem ...

14. Fast, all-optical logic gates and transistor functionalities using a room-temperature atomic controlled Kerr gate
Published: 12/2/2014
Authors: Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Runbing Li
Abstract: We demonstrate all-optical multilogic gate operations and transistor functionalities using a Kerr phase gate method in a room-temperature Rb85 vapor. Two symmetric Mach-Zehnder interferometers are constructed in the same vapor cell in which a Ram ...

15. Formation and propagation of matched and coupled ultraslow optical soliton pairs in a four-level double-Lambda system
Published: 11/17/2005
Authors: Lu Deng, M G Payne, G X Huang, Edward W Hagley
Abstract: We investigate the simultaneous formation and stable propagation of ultraslow optical soliton pairs in a lifetime broadened four-state atomic system under double- excitation with large one- and two- photon detunings. We show that detrimental pr ...

16. Forty Years of Metrology with Synchrtron Radiation at SURF
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Uwe Arp, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E Grantham, Edward W Hagley, Simon Grant Kaplan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S Tarrio, Robert Edward Vest

17. Forty years of metrology with synchrotron radiation at SURF
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Uwe Arp, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E Grantham, Edward W Hagley, Simon Grant Kaplan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S Tarrio, Robert Edward Vest

18. Four-Wave Mixing With Matter Waves
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, J Wen, M Trippenbach, Y B Band, Paul S Julienne, J E Simsarian, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: The advent of the laser as an intense, coherent light source gave birth to nonlinear optics, which now plays an important role in many areas of science and technology. One of the first applications of nonlinear optics was the production of coherent ...

19. Generating Solitons by Phase Engineering of a Bose-Einstein Condensate
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: J Denschlag, J E Simsarian, D L Feder, Charles W Clark, L A Collins, J Cubizolles, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Kristian Helmerson, W P Reinhardt, S L. Rolston, B I Schneider, William D Phillips
Abstract: We demonstrate quantum phase engineering using two novel techniques that allow us to write and read the spatial phase of a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC). We design and produce a quantum state by optically imprinting phasepatterns onto a condensate ...

20. High-Fidelity, Weak Light Level Controlled-NOT Gate for Quantum Information Systems
Published: 10/21/2014
Authors: Runbing Li, Chengjie Zhu, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley
Abstract: Efficient qubit protocols are critically important to quantum information processing, and the ability to manipulate the quantum state of light with the quantum state of another light field is the ultimate enabler of quantum computers 1−7. T ...

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