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1. A Dynamic, Ultra-Slow Optical-Matter Wave Analog of Event Horizon
Published: 8/28/2014
Authors: C. J. Zhu, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Mo-Lin Ge
Abstract: We investigate effects of a dynamically increasing medium index to optical-wave propagation in a rubidium condensate. A long pulsed pump lasaer coupling a D2 line transition produces a rapidly-growing internally-generated field. This results in a s ...

2. A Fast-Responding Nonlinear Phase Shifter Using an Active Raman Gain Core
Published: 4/22/2008
Authors: Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Kaijun Jiang, M Payne
Abstract: Using a lifetime broadened N-scheme with an active-Raman-gain (ARG) Lambda core, we show that large nonlinear phase shift can be induced without signal wave attenuation. The new scheme is not based on the ultra-slow-wave technique and it does no ...

3. A Green Laser Pointer Hazard
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1668
Published: 8/2/2010
Authors: Jemellie Galang, Alessandro Restelli, Edward W Hagley, Charles W Clark
Abstract: An inexpensive green laser pointer was found to emit 20 mW of infrared radiation during normal use. This is potentially a serious hazard that would not be noticed by most users of such pointers. We find that the problem derives from an unsafe desig ...

4. A High Speed Quantum Communication Testbed
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Carl J Williams, X Tang, M Hiekkero, J Rouzaud, R Lu, A Goedecke, Alan L Migdall, A Mink, A Nakassis, Leticia S Pibida, J Wen, Edward W Hagley, Charles W Clark

5. A Well Collimated Quasi-Continuous Atom Laser
Published: 3/1/1999
Authors: Edward W Hagley, Lu Deng, M M Kozuma, J Wen, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: We demonstrate extraction of sodium atoms from a trapped Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) using a coherent stimulated Raman process. Optical Raman pulses drive transitions between trapped and untrapped magnetic sublevels so as to give the output coupl ...

6. Coherence Properties of an Atom Laser
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: M Trippenbach, Y B Band, M Edwards, M R Doery, Paul S Julienne, Edward W Hagley, Lu Deng, M M Kozuma, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: We study the coherence properties of an atom laser, which operates by extracting atoms from a gaseous Bose-Einstein condensate via a two-photon Raman process, by analyzing a recent experiment [(Hagley et al., submitted to Phys. Rev. Lett. (1999)]. W ...

7. Coherent Splitting of Bose-Einstein Condensed Atoms With Optically Induced Bragg Diffraction
Published: 2/1/1999
Authors: M M Kozuma, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, J Wen, R Lutwak, Kristian Helmerson, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips
Abstract: We exposed Bose-Einstein condensed sodium atoms to a traveling periodic optical potential and observed coherent splitting of the condensate due to Bragg diffraction. Using the momentum selectivity of the scattering, we were able to separate a compon ...

8. Dynamic Onset of Feynman Relation in the Phonon Regime
Published: 5/9/2016
Authors: Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Yan Li, Chengjie Zhu
Abstract: The Feynman relation 1, a much celebrated condensed matter physics gemstone for more than 70 years, predicts that the density excitation spectrum and structure factor of a condensed Bosonic system in the phonon regime drops linear and continuousl ...

9. Dynamic light deflection in an active Raman-gain medium using a spatially inhomogeneous pump
Published: 7/25/2013
Authors: Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Chengjie Zhu
Abstract: We study optical wave deflection in a three-level active Raman gain medium using a spatially inhomogeneous pump field. Using the eikonal approximation, we derive an analytical expression for the deflection angle and demonstrate more than an ord ...

10. Effect of atomic coherence on "temporal cloaking" in atomic vapors
Published: 2/27/2013
Authors: Runbing Li, Lu Deng, Edward W Hagley, Joshua C Bienfang, M G Payne, Mo-Lin Ge
Abstract: We discuss a different scheme to achieve temporal cloaking in warm atomic vapors. Instead of creating a temporal-spatial window in a patched broadband short optical pulse using static differential dispersion of an optical fiber, we create a tempo ...

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