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11. A Millennial View of Fire Suppression
Published: 5/4/2000
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: The ability to control fire is universally and exclusively human. The history of that controlled use is also the history of civilization. Indeed, it has been so important to our development that no branch of the hominid family tree has survived wit ...

Published: 3/1/1987
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Barbara C. Levin, Richard George Gann

13. A Research Program to Determine When and How to Include Sublethal Effects of Smoke in Fire Safety Decisions
Published: 3/7/2000
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: It has long been realized that the sublethal effects of smoke can affect survival in fires, but only sparse data were available on which to base fire safety decisions. A recent draft standard under consideration in the International Standards Organi ...

14. A methodology for obtaining and using toxic potency data for fire hazard analysis
Published: 11/1/1998
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Richard George Gann, Barbara C. Levin, M Paabo, Richard H. Harris Jr., Richard D Peacock

15. Advanced Fire Suppression Technology for Aircraft: Findings of the Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology Program.
Published: 9/1/2007
Author: Richard George Gann

16. Advanced Technology for Fire Suppression in Aircraft
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1069
Published: 11/6/2007
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: In its decade of systematic research (1997-2006), the NGP revitalized the field of fire suppression science. The NGP arose as a result of a discovery that garnered the Nobel Prize for two accomplished chemists and legislation that turned science int ...

17. Agent Screening for Halon 1301 Aviation Replacement
Published: 10/20/1993
Authors: William L Grosshandler, Richard George Gann, Anthony P Hamins, Marc R. Nyden, William M Pitts, Jiann C Yang, Michael Russel Zachariah
Abstract: A comprehensive experimental program is described in which eleven gaseous agents and sodium bicarbonate powder have been screened, so that the best three candidates for subsequent full-scale aircraft fire extinguishment evaluation can be identified. ...

18. Agent/System Compatibility for Halon 1301 Aviation Replacement
Published: 10/20/1993
Authors: Richard George Gann, E Braun, Thomas George Cleary, Richard H. Harris Jr., F Horkay, Gregory T Linteris, G B. McKenna, Marc R. Nyden, Richard D Peacock, Richard E Ricker, Mark R Stoudt, W. K. Waldron
Abstract: This project has developed measurement methods and provided data for the appraisal of 12 USAF-specified candidate halon 1301 replacements for compatibility with flight systems, people, and the environment. The exposures of metals, elastomers and lub ...

19. Alternate Substrates for Measuring Cigarette Ignition Propensity Using ASTM E 2187
Published: 8/11/2016
Authors: Richard George Gann, Edward J Hnetkovsky, William F Guthrie
Abstract: ASTM E 2187 has become the internationally referenced standard for designing and specifying less fire-prone cigarettes. In this Standard, a lit cigarette is placed on a substrate consisting of a number of layers of filter paper. The metric is wheth ...

20. Alternative Fire Suppressant Chemicals: A Research Review with Reccomendations
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1443
Published: 12/1/2001
Authors: Valeri Ivan Babushok, R E Tapscott, R S Sheinson, Richard George Gann, Marc R. Nyden

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