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111. Reevaluation of Experimental Cigarettes Used in the Cigarette Safety Act of 1984. Report of Test (Report of Test FR 3984)
Series: OTHER
Report Number: 3984
Published: 5/1/1991
Authors: Richard H. Harris Jr., Magdalena Navarro, Richard George Gann, K Eberhardt
Abstract: Experimental cigarettes which had been stored for several years in freezers were reevaluated on mockups constructed from the same materials in the original study and statistically analyzed for differences in their ignition propensity.

Published: 3/1/1991
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Richard H. Harris Jr., E Braun, Barbara C. Levin, M Paabo, Richard George Gann

113. Role of Bench-Scale Test Data in Assessing Real-Scale Fire Toxicity (NIST TN 1284)
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1284
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Richard H. Harris Jr., E Braun, Barbara C. Levin, M Paabo, Richard George Gann
Abstract: The need was seen for establishing a methodology by which bench-scale fire toxicity methods could be validated against real-scale room fires. The present study is the result of a pilot project in this area. Appropriate validation hypotheses have bee ...

114. Preliminary Screening Procedures and Criteria for Replacements for Halons 1211 and 1301 (NIST TN 1278)
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1278
Published: 8/1/1990
Authors: Richard George Gann, J D. Barnes, S Davis, J S Harris, Richard H. Harris Jr., J T. Herron, Barbara C. Levin, F I. Mopsik, Kathy A. Notarianni, Marc R. Nyden, M Paabo, Richard E Ricker
Abstract: The current halogenated fire suppressants, halons 1301 and 1211, are among the compounds whose production is restricted by the Montreal Protocol of 1987. The objective of this project is to facilitate identification of alternative chemicals by devel ...

115. Fire Hazard Comparison of Fire-Retarded and Non-Fire-Retarded Products (NBS SP 749)
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 749
Published: 7/1/1988
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Richard H. Harris Jr., Richard George Gann, Barbara C. Levin, B T Lee, Richard D Peacock, M Paabo, W H. Twilley, M F Yoklavich, H M Clark
Abstract: A test program was conducted for the Fire Retardant Chemicals Association to quantify the effects of fire retardant chemicals on total fire hazard. Five different types of products, each made from a different type of plastic were used. The products ...

Published: 3/1/1987
Authors: Vyto Babrauskas, Barbara C. Levin, Richard George Gann

117. Development of Flammability Criteria for Transforner Dielectric Fluids. Final Report.
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Published: 2/1/1980
Author: Richard George Gann

118. Estimating Data for the Incapacitation of Smoke-Sensitive People by Fire Smoke
Published: Date unknown
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: The objective of fire hazard and risk analyses is to estimate conditions of safety for people, including those that are more sensitive to fire smoke than others. For this purpose, this paper develops a method for estimating, from information on leth ...

119. Flame Retardants: An Overview
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Richard George Gann, Jeffrey W Gilman
Abstract: Flame retardant additives are ubiquitous in commercial products. They reduce fire losses by decreasing the likelihood of ignition and the rate of heat release of the products in which they are compounded. This article outlines the definition, appli ...

120. NIST: A Century in the Business of Fire Safety
Published: Date unknown
Author: Richard George Gann
Abstract: This year, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), formerly the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), turned 100 years old. During that century, NBS/NIST measurement technology has done much to enable the business of fire safety. T ...

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