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Published: 9/15/2015
Authors: David R Black, Donald A Windover, Marcus H Mendenhall, Albert Henins, James J Filliben, James P Cline
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) certifies a suite of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) to address specific aspects of the performance of X-ray powder diffraction instruments. This report describes SRM 1976b, the third gen ...

2. Prediction of Sealant Modulus Change due to Outdoor Weathering
Published: 5/13/2015
Authors: Christopher C White, Kar T. Tan, Donald Lee Hunston, Adam L Pintar, James J Filliben
Abstract: An empirically-based model has been created to predict the change in modulus for a sealant exposed to outdoor weathering. The underlying high precision data supporting this model was obtained using the NIST SPHERE (Simulated Photo degradation by Hi ...

3. Assessing Effects of Asymmetries, Dynamics, and Failures on a Cloud Simulator
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1857
Published: 3/29/2015
Authors: Kevin L Mills, James J Filliben, Christopher E Dabrowski
Abstract: We characterize the effects of asymmetries, dynamics, and failures when introduced into a cloud computing simulator, which had previously been characterized under static, homogeneous configurations with various patterns of demand and supply. We aim t ...

4. Evaluation of Low-Contrast Detectability of Iterative Reconstruction across Multiple Institutions, CT Scanner Manufacturers, and Radiation Exposure Levels
Published: 2/19/2015
Authors: Adele P Peskin, Ganesh Saiprasad, James J Filliben, Alden A Dima
Abstract: Purpose: To evaluate the impact of Iterative Reconstruction (IR) compared with Filtered Back Projection (FBP) using low-contrast objects in phantom images across vendors and exposure levels. Materials and Methods: Randomized repeat scans of the Gamm ...

5. An Improved Index of Image Quality for Task-Based Performance of CT Iterative Reconstruction across Three Commercial Implementations
Published: 2/13/2015
Authors: Olav Christianson, Joseph Chen, Zhitong Yang, Ganesh Saiprasad, Alden A Dima, James J Filliben, Adele P Peskin, Eliot L Siegel, Ehsan Samei

6. Energy Performance Sensitivity of a Net-Zero Energy Home to Design and Use Specifications
Published: 2/2/2015
Authors: Joshua D Kneifel, William M Healy, James J Filliben, Matthew T Boyd

7. Effective and Scalable Uncertainty Evaluation for Large-Scale Complex System Applications
Published: 12/7/2014
Authors: Kevin L Mills, James J Filliben, Junfei Xie, Yan Wan, Yi Zhou, Yu Lei
Abstract: Effective uncertainty evaluation is a critical step toward real-time and robust decision-making for complex systems in uncertain environments. A Multivariate Probabilistic Collocation Method (M-PCM) was developed to effectively evaluate system uncert ...

8. A Design-of-Experiments Approach to FEM Uncertainty Analysis for Optimizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging RF Coil Design
Published: 10/10/2014
Authors: Jeffrey T Fong, Nathanael A Heckert, James J Filliben, Li Ma, Karl F Stupic, Kathryn E Keenan, Stephen E Russek
Abstract: Using the RF module of COMSOL, we compute the magnetic flux density norm (BN) profiles for frequencies in the 76 to 100 MHz range, inside of a prototype birdcage coil, courtesy of Japan's National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), loaded wit ...

9. Determining Relative Importance and Best Settings for Genetic Algorithm Control Parameters
Published: 9/25/2014
Authors: Kevin L Mills, James J Filliben, Andrea Haines
Abstract: We intend to use a classic genetic algorithm (GA) to steer a population of cloud-computing simulators into behavioral directions that reveal degraded performance and system collapse. Such a method could serve as a design tool, empowering system engin ...

10. Generalizing Face Quality and Factor Measures to Video
Published: 9/24/2014
Authors: Yooyoung Lee, P Jonathon Phillips, James J Filliben, J. Ross Beveridge, Hao H. Zhang
Abstract: Methods for assessing the impact of factors and image-quality metrics for still face images are well-understood. The extension of these factors and quality measures to faces in video has not, however, been explored. We present a specific methodology ...

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