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21. Combinatorial Study of Surface Pattern Formation in Thin Block Copolymer Films
Published: 7/1/2001
Authors: A P Smith, Jack F Douglas, J C Meredith, Eric J. Amis, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: Surface pattern formation in thin diblock copolymer films is investigated utilizing a high-throughput methodology to validate the combinatorial measurement approach for polymer science. Measurement libraries of block copolymer films having gradients ...

22. Comparative Specular X-Ray Reflectivity, Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy, and Incoherent Neutron Scattering Measurements of the Dynamics in Thin Polycarbonate Films
Published: 4/1/2004
Authors: Christopher L Soles, Jack F Douglas, Wen-Li Wu, H G Peng, D W Gidley
Abstract: The manner in which the dynamics of a polymer are affected by thin film confinement is one of technological significance, impacting thin film applications such as lubricants, adhesives, and chemically amplified photoresists. In this manuscript we us ...

23. Comparison of Methods for Calculating the Friction Coefficient and Intrinsic Viscosity of Nanoparticles and Macromolecules
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M Mansfield, Jack F Douglas, Saba Irfan, E Kang
Abstract: Various methods have been proposed to estimate the translational friction coefficient f and the intrinsic viscosity [?] of polymers and other particles of complex shape. These methods range from first-principles calculations based on a precise desc ...

24. Competition Between Self-Assembly and Surface Adsorption
Published: 2/25/2009
Authors: Jacek Dudowicz, Jack F Douglas, Karl Freed
Abstract: We investigate a minimal equilibrium polymerization model of the general competition between self-assembly on a boundary and in solution that arises when an assembling system is near a boundary. Adsorption generally occurs upon cooling, but assembly ...

25. Computer Simulations of Ionomer Self-Assembly and Dynamics
Published: 5/17/2007
Authors: Moonjoy Goswami, S K Kumar, Aniket Bhattacharya, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Computer simulations of a model telechelic ionomer, i.e. a melt with a charge at each chain end along with neutralizing counterions, indicate a form of self-assembly that is hybrid between the packing driven interactions in block copolymers and the d ...

26. Coping With Complex Surfaces: An Interface Between Mathematics and Condensed Matter Physics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Jack F Douglas
Abstract: A transcript of a talk on the application of mathematics to materials science is presented. The talk considers the application of random walk methods to solving boundary value problems with complex boundaries, as found in applications to polymer and ...

27. Coupling Between Phase Separation and Surface Deformation Modes in Self-Organizing Polymer Blend Films
Published: Date unknown
Authors: B D Ermi, G Nisato, Jack F Douglas, J Rogers, Alamgir Karim
Abstract: Phase separation of ultrathin polymer blend films spun cast onto patterned self-assembled monolayers is examined by atomic force microscopy. Fourier transform analysis of the time evolution of the film topography reveals a coupling between the phase ...

28. Critical Examination of the Colloidal Particle Model of Globular Proteins
Published: 2/3/2015
Authors: Prasad Srinivasan Sarangapani, Steven D Hudson, Ronald Leland Jones, Jack F Douglas, Jai Avinash Pathak
Abstract: Recent studies of globular protein solutions have uniformly adopted a colloidal view of proteins as particles, a perspective that neglects the polymeric primary structure of these biological macromolecules, their intrinsic flexibility and their abi ...

29. Critical Properties and Phase Separation in Lattice Boltzmann Fluid Mixtures
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Nicos Martys, Jack F Douglas

30. Critical Properties and Phase Separation in Lattice Boltzmann Fluid Mixtures
Published: 3/1/2001
Authors: Nicos Martys, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Basic equilibrium properties of Lattice Boltzmann (LB) fluid mixtures (coexistence curve, surface tension, interfacial profile, correlation length) are calculated to characterize the critical phenomena occurring in these model liquids and to establis ...

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