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71. UV radiometry using synchrotron radiation and absolute cryogenic radiometry
Published: 1/1/1999
Authors: Ping-Shine Shaw, Keith R Lykke, R Gupta, Thomas R. O'Brian, Uwe Arp, H H White, Thomas B Lucatorto, J L Dehmer, Albert C Parr

72. Ultraviolet Characterization of Integrating Spheres
Published: 7/9/2007
Authors: Ping-Shine Shaw, Zhigang Li, Uwe Arp, Keith R Lykke
Abstract: We have studied the performance of integrating spheres in the ultraviolet (UV) with wavelengths as short as 200 nm. Two techniques were used for this study; first, the spectral throughput of an integrating sphere irradiated by a deuterium lamp was an ...

73. Uniform and enhanced field emission from chromium oxide coated carbon nanosheets
Published: 4/2/2008
Authors: Uwe Arp, Kun Hou, Ronald Outlaw, Wang Sigen, Mingyao Zhu, Ronald Quinlan, Dennis Manos, Martin Kordesch, Brian Holloway
Abstract: Carbon nanosheets, a two-dimensional carbon nanostructure, are promising electron cathode materials for applications in vacuum microelectronic devices. This letter demonstrates a simple approach to improve the spatial emission uniformity of carbon na ...

74. Upgrades to the NIST/DARPA EUV Reflectometry Facility
Published: 12/1/2001
Authors: Charles S Tarrio, Thomas B Lucatorto, S Grantham, M B Squires, Uwe Arp, Lu Deng
Abstract: We have recently installed a new sample chamber at the NIST/DARPA EUV Reflectometry Facility at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The chamber replaces a much smaller system on Beamline 7 at the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Fac ...

75. X-Ray Fluorescence/Auger-electron Coincidence Spectroscopy of Atomic Argon
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Uwe Arp, T Lebrun, S H Southworth, M A Macdonald, M Jung

76. X-ray Fluorescence and Auger-Electron Coincidence Spectroscopy of Vacancy Cascades in Atomic Argon
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Uwe Arp, T Lebrun, S H Southworth, M A Macdonald, M Jung

77. Xenon Spectator and Diagram L^d3-M^d4,5M^d4,5 Auger Intensities Near the L^d3 Threshold
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: G B Armen, S H Southworth, J C Levin, Uwe Arp, T Lebrun, M A Macdonald

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