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21. Damage to solid-state photodiodes by vacuum ultraviolet radiation
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Uwe Arp, R Gupta, L R Lykke, Ping-Shine Shaw

22. Diffraction and Depths-of-Field Effects in Electron Beam Imaging at SURF III
Published: 4/1/2001
Author: Uwe Arp
Abstract: Imaging an electron beam with visible light is a common method of diagnostics applied to electron accelerators. It is a straightforward way to deduce the transverse electron distribution as well as its changes over time. The electrons stored in the ...

23. Diffraction and depths-of-field effects in electron beam imaging at SURF III
Published: 1/1/2001
Author: Uwe Arp

24. Elimation of Intensity Noise at SURF III
Published: 8/1/2001
Authors: Uwe Arp, K Harkay, K Kim, Thomas B Lucatorto
Abstract: Most applications of synchrotron radiation are not very sensitive to source intensity fluctuations. Fourier-transform spectroscopy, however, is very sensitive to intensity noise with frequencies of few Hz to several kHz. An infrared spectrometer in ...

25. First Report on Quantum Dot Coated CMOS CID Arrays for the UV and VUV
Published: 12/13/2013
Authors: Uwe Arp, Robert Edward Vest, Zoran Ninkov, Ross Robinson, Suraj Bhaskaran
Abstract: A technique has been developed for coating commercial off the shelf (COTS) detector arrays with a thin, uniform layer of quantum dots. The quantum deposition is accomplished using an Optomec Aerosol Jet rapid prototyping system. When illuminated by U ...

26. Forty Years of Metrology with Synchrtron Radiation at SURF
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Uwe Arp, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E Grantham, Edward W Hagley, Simon Grant Kaplan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S Tarrio, Robert Edward Vest

27. Forty years of metrology with synchrotron radiation at SURF
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Uwe Arp, Alex P. Farrell, Mitchell L. Furst, Steven E Grantham, Edward W Hagley, Simon Grant Kaplan, Ping-Shine Shaw, Charles S Tarrio, Robert Edward Vest

28. IR-enhanced Si reference detectors for 1-step scale transfers from 300 nm to 1000 nm
Published: 11/20/2014
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Thomas C Larason, Jeanne M Houston, Robert Edward Vest, Uwe Arp, Howard W Yoon
Abstract: IR-enhanced Si photodiodes have improved radiometric and electronic characteristics as compared to other widely used Si photodiodes and can be used as responsivity standards in the wavelength range from 300 nm to 1000 nm. Their low predicted uncerta ...

29. Improvements to the NIST/DARPA EUV Reflectometry Facility
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: Charles S Tarrio, Thomas B Lucatorto, S Grantham, M B. Squires, Uwe Arp, Lu Deng

30. Influence of the Vertical Emittance on the Calculability of the Synchrotron Ultraviolet Radiation Facility
Published: 1/1/2002
Author: Uwe Arp

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