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31. Dependence of Morphology on Miscut Angle for Si(111) Etched in NH(4)F
Published: 5/1/2003
Authors: S Gonda, Joseph Fu, John A Kramar, Richard M Silver, Hui Zhou
Abstract: Using scanning probe microscopy, we have examined the surfaces produced by etching several different vicinal Si(111) samples in NH(4)F aqueous solution. In agreement with others, we found that deoxygenation of the etchant generally reduces the number ...

32. A New Design and Uncertainty Budget for a Metrology UHV-STM Used in Direct Measurements of Atom Spacings
Published: 7/1/2002
Authors: S Gonda, Hui Zhou, Joseph Fu, Richard M Silver
Abstract: A basic scheme of direct, highly accurate dimensional measurements of nanostructures is presented. We have constructed a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) unit combined with a diode laser-based Michelson interferometer module. The compact size of t ...

33. Simulation and Prediction of Hardness Performance of Rockwell Diamond Indenters Using Finite Element Analysis
Published: 7/1/2002
Authors: Li Ma, Samuel Rea Low III, Hui Zhou, Jun-Feng Song, R Dewit

34. A Macro-Micro Motion System for a STM
Published: 6/13/2002
Authors: Bradley N Damazo, James D Gilsinn, Richard M Silver, Hui Zhou
Abstract: As nano-lithography improves, more companies and research groups have the capability to create nano-scale structures. Scanning Tunneling Microscopes (STMs) are commonly used to create these structures and evaluate them afterward. One difficulty is ...

35. Effects of Etching Time and Wafer Miscut on the Morphology of Etched Si(111) Surfaces
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Hui Zhou, Joseph Fu, S Gonda, Richard M Silver
Abstract: In order to meet leading edge and future measurement and calibration needs, NIST has been pursuing the development of atom-based dimensional standards and measurement methods. There are a few new, key concepts underlying this effort, which are intend ...

36. FEA Modeling and Hardness Performance Prediction of Rockwell Diamond Indenters
Published: 7/1/2001
Authors: Hui Zhou, Jun-Feng Song, Samuel Rea Low III, Li Ma
Abstract: The difficulty in manufacturing Rockwell diamond indenters to the required geometric specifications has resulted in most commercially manufactured indenters to vary in shape from one indenter to another. This difference in shape is thought to be a ma ...

37. Permittivity Measurements on Molecular-Sized Samples, Extended Abstract
Published: 12/1/1990
Authors: A. van Roggen, L. Yuwono, Hui Zhou, Paul H Meijer, Joseph J Kopanski

38. Coating Kinetics of Fluoropolymer Process Aids for Sharkskin Elimination: The Role of Domain Size
Published: Date unknown
Authors: D Bigio, Mathurin G Meillon, S B. Kharchenko, David C Morgan, Hui Zhou, S Oriani, C Macosko, Kalman D Migler
Abstract: We study the ability of fluoropolymer based polymer processing aids (PPA) to eliminate surface melt fracture (sharkskin) during extrusion of polyethylene in relation to blend morphology (PPA droplet size) and processing conditions (shear rate). Under ...

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