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41. Reliability of Conformance Tests
Published: 8/21/1998
Authors: Robert Charles Hagwood, Raghu N Kacker, James H Yen, D L. Banks, Lynne S. Rosenthal, Leonard J Gallagher, Paul E Black
Abstract: A conformance test is a software assurance test that is applied in order to determine if specification requirements of the software are being met. It is a time-dependent model, where the software object is subjected to an a priori known test suite. ...

42. Software Testing: Protocol Comparison
Published: 5/29/1998
Authors: James H Yen, D L. Banks, Leonard J Gallagher, Paul E Black, Robert Charles Hagwood, Raghu N Kacker, Lynne S. Rosenthal
Abstract: Software testing is hard, expensive, and uncertain. Many protocols have been suggested, especially in the area of conformance verification. In order to compare the efficacy of these protocols, we have implemented a designed simulation experiment th ...

43. An Estimate of Effect Size Based on the Mann-Whitney Statistic
Published: Date unknown
Author: James H Yen
Abstract: Meta analysis, the statistical synthesis of results from several different studies, often involves combining estimates of effect sizefrom several experiments. The standardized mean difference is one of the most commonly used estimates of effect size; ...

44. Focal Adhesion of Osteoblasts-Like Cells on Films of Poly(d,l-lactide)/Poly(vinyl alcohol) Blends
Published: Date unknown
Authors: C A Khatri, G Du, E S Wu, James H Yen, Francis W Wang
Abstract: Films of poly(d,l-lactic acid) [PLA] and poly(vinyl alcohol) [PVOH] blends were prepared by a solvent casting method with the use of hexafluoroisopropanol (HFIP) as the solvent. The miscibility and the biocompatibility of the blend films over a wide ...

45. Physical Properties of Moldable, Resorbable, Composite Bone Graft Consisting of Calcium Phosphate Cement and Chondroitin Sulfate
Published: Date unknown
Authors: S Hirayama, S. Takagi, James H Yen, Francis W Wang

46. Robust Estimation of Effect Sizes Using Influence Functions
Published: Date unknown
Author: James H Yen
Abstract: The estimation of effect sizes is crucial part of meta-analysis. This papers uses influence functions as a fundamental tool in the analysis of estimates of effect size. The generalization to several variables of the influence function provides heu ...

47. Thermal Properties of Pyroceram Code 9606
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Daniel Robert Flynn, James H Yen, James J Filliben, Robert R Zarr, E M Hohlfeld
Abstract: In the late 1950s, Corning Glass Works measured the heat capacity, thermal diffusivity, and thermal expansion of Pyroceram Code 9606. In the early 1960s the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) measured the thermal diffusivity and the thermal conduct ...

48. Trimmed Weighted Means
Published: Date unknown
Author: James H Yen
Abstract: In many situations, weighted means can achieve much lower variances than unweighted means by placing more weight on those observations that are more precise. However, that weighted means can be dominated by one or two observations with very large wei ...

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