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11. Comparison of Large-Signal-Network-Analyzer Calibrations
Published: 2/5/2010
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Catherine A Remley, Joe Gering, Grand Aivazian
Abstract: We develop a procedure and metrics for comparing large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations. The metrics we develop provide a bound on differences between measurements obtained from large-signal-network-analyzer calibrations, as well as more specific ...

12. NISTeVerify: A fully electronic vector-network-analyzer verification system
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Arkadiusz C. (Arkadiusz) Lewandowski, Denis X LeGolvan, Ronald A Ginley
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has just introduced a fully electronic measurement verification system for microwave vector-network-analyzer (VNA) calibrations called NISTeVerify. The system allows you to quickly verify VNA ...

13. Traceable waveform calibration with a covariance-based uncertainty analysis
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Paul D Hale, Dylan F Williams, Andrew M Dienstfrey, Arkadiusz C. (Arkadiusz) Lewandowski, Tracy S. Clement, Darryl A. Keenan
Abstract: We describe a method for calibrating the voltage that a step-like pulse generator produces at a load at every time point in themeasured waveform. The calibration includes an equivalent-circuit model of the generator that can be used to determine how ...

14. Novel nano-structured Metal-Semiconductor-Metal photodetector with high peak voltage
Published: 6/22/2009
Authors: Paul D Hale, Dylan F Williams, Tomoko Borsa, B. J. VanZeghbroeck
Abstract: A novel nano-structured metal-semiconductor-metal photodetector consisting of interdigitated metal fingers and nanodots is successfully fabricated on a semi-insulating GaAs substrate by electron beam lithography, and integrated with an on-chip ground ...

15. Electromagnetic Measurements for Counterfeit Detection of Radio-Frequency Identification Cards
Published: 5/2/2009
Authors: Henry Romero, Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: We investigate a technique for counterfeit detection of radio-frequency identification cards based on the electromagnetic characteristics of the cards rather than the digital information that they transmit. We describe a method of measuring the elect ...

16. Characterization and Modeling or Random Vector-Network-Analyzer Measurement Errors
Published: 10/24/2008
Authors: Arkadiusz C. (Arkadiusz) Lewandowski, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We present a technique for characterizing and modeling random vector-network-analyzer measurement errors. These errors manifest themselves as random changes or drift of vector-network-analyzer calibration coefficients. We model achange of calibrtion ...

17. Complete waveform characterization at NIST
Published: 6/8/2008
Authors: Paul D Hale, Tracy S. Clement, Darryl A. Keenan, Dylan F Williams, Arkadiusz C. (Arkadiusz) Lewandowski, C. M. Wang, Andrew Dienstfrey
Abstract: We present a method for calibrating the voltage a pulse generator delivers to a load at every point in the measured waveform epoch. The calibration includes an equivalent circuit model of the generator so that the user can calculate how the generator ...

18. The Beginnings of the Transactions
Published: 3/1/2008
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Admir Mortazawi
Abstract: In July, 1951, Ben Warriner (chairman, 1952-1953) circulated a petition to begin the Microwave Theory and Techniques Society under the auspices of the Institute of Radio Engineers. Despite an initial lack of support from the IRE, the roots of the Tra ...

19. Characterization of a 50 GHz Comb Generator
Published: 2/1/2008
Authors: Howard C. Reader, Dylan F Williams, Paul D Hale, Tracy S. Clement
Abstract: We characterize a 50 GHz comb generator measured on a sampling oscilloscope. With careful control of the input power, input harmonics and comb generator temperature, we find the output spectrum to be stable to 0.1 dB and 0.5 degrees. We correct resul ...

20. Absolute Magnitude and Phase Calibrations
Published: 10/1/2007
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Paul D Hale, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: In VNA measurements, the magnitude and phase of a transmitted or reflected wave are measured relative to that of the incident wave. VNA measurements are made a single frequency at a time and each frequency component is acquired relative to the intern ...

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