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11. Estimation and Uncertainty analysis of Dose Response in an inter-laboratory experiment
Published: 11/13/2011
Authors: Blaza Toman, Elijah J Petersen, John T Elliott
Abstract: An inter-laboratory experiment for the evaluation of toxic effects of NH2-polystyrene nanoparticles on living cells was performed with five participating laboratories. Previously published results in the field of nano toxicology have been contradicto ...

12. Tutorial for Metrologists on the Probabilistic and Statistical Apparatus Underlying the GUM and Related Documents
Published: 11/9/2011
Authors: Antonio M Possolo, Blaza Toman
Abstract: A review and précis of the meaning and calculus of probability, including random variables, probability distributions, functions of random variables, and of Bayesian statistical inference, with many illustrative examples.

13. Bayesian Uncertainty Analysis for a Regression Model Versus Application of GUM Supplement 1 to the Least-Squares Estimate
Published: 5/5/2011
Authors: Blaza Toman, Clemens Elster
Abstract: Application of least-squares as, for instance, in curve fitting is an important tool of data analysis in metrology. It is tempting to employ the supplement 1 to the GUM (GUM-S1) to evaluate the uncertainty associated with the resulting parameter esti ...

14. Quantifying Model Error
Published: 2/11/2011
Authors: Kevin B McGrattan, Blaza Toman
Abstract: A methodology is proposed for reporting the results of fire model validation studies that consist mainly of comparisons of model predictions and experimental measurements. The difference between the two is a combination of model error and experimen ...

15. Analysis of key comparisons: Estimating laboratories‰ biases by a fixed effects model using Bayesian Model Averaging
Published: 3/11/2010
Authors: Blaza Toman, Clemens Elster
Abstract: We propose a novel procedure for the analysis of key comparison data. The goal of the procedure is to detect biases in the reported measurement results which are not accounted for by quoted uncertainties. A fixed effects bias model is employed which ...

16. Laboratory Effects Models for Interlaboratory Comparisons
Published: 6/16/2009
Authors: Blaza Toman, Antonio M Possolo
Abstract: Statistical analysis of inter-laboratory comparisons (e.g. Key Comparisons, Supplemental Comparisons) is required to produce an estimate of the measurand called a reference value and further, measures of equivalence of the participating laboratories. ...

17. Bayesian uncertainty analysis under prior ignorance of the measurand vs. analysis using the Supplement to the Guide: A comparison
Published: 2/17/2009
Authors: Blaza Toman, Clemens Elster
Abstract: A recent supplement to the GUM (GUM S1) is compared with a Bayesian analysis in terms of a particular task of data analysis, one where no prior knowledge of the measurand is presumed. For the Bayesian analysis, an improper prior density on the measur ...

18. Three Statistical Paradigms for the Assessment and Interpretation of Measurement Uncertainty
Published: 1/12/2009
Authors: William F Guthrie, Hung-Kung Liu, Andrew L Rukhin, Blaza Toman, Chih-Ming Wang, Nien F Zhang
Abstract: The goals of this chapter are to present different approaches to uncertainty assessment from a statistical point of view and to relate them to the methods that are currently being used in metrology or are being developed within the metrology communit ...

19. Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Predictions from Computational Models
Published: 8/18/2008
Author: Blaza Toman
Abstract: Computer experiments, that is, experiments performed using a mathematical model of a physical or chemical process implemented using a computer simulation are especially useful when extensive physical experimentation is either impossible or too expens ...

20. Model Based Uncertainty Analysis in Inter-Laboratory Studies
Published: 6/23/2008
Authors: Blaza Toman, Antonio M Possolo
Abstract: Statistical analysis of key comparison and inter-laboratory experiments is required to produce an estimate of the measurand called a reference value and further, measures of equivalence of the participating laboratories. Methods of estimation of the ...

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