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11. Effect of crystallographic orientation on phase transformations during indentation of silicon
Published: 3/9/2009
Authors: Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, Dylan Morris, Stephan J Stranick, Mark D Vaudin, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: In a statistical nanoindentation study using a spherical probe, the effect of crystallographic orientation on the phase transformation of silicon (Si) was investigated. The presence and pressure at which events associated with phase transformation oc ...

12. Comparison of Nanoscale Measurements of Strain and Stress using Electron Back Scattered Diffraction and Confocal Raman Microscopy
Published: 12/12/2008
Authors: Mark D Vaudin, Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, Stephan J Stranick, Robert Francis Cook
Abstract: Strains in Si as small as 104 (corresponding to stresses of 10 MPa) have been measured using electron back scatter diffraction (EBSD), with spatial resolution close to 10 nm, and confocal Raman microscopy (CRM) with spatial resolution app ...

13. Sounds of Atoms: Life in Science
Published: 10/10/2008
Author: Stephan J Stranick
Abstract: Early in setting up our nanoscience laboratory at Penn State, we were frustrated because we could not peer into the tunneling junctions of our scanning tunneling microscopes (STMs) to see what the atoms were doing. We were particularly vexed wh ...

14. Programmable Vector Point-Spread Function Engineering
Published: 4/1/2006
Authors: M R. Beversluis, L Novotny, Stephan J Stranick
Abstract: We use a nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator (SLM) to control the vector point spread function of a microscope objective by manipulating the pupil field polarization. In combination with an achromatic quarter-wave plate, the SLM acts as a ...

15. Chemical Imaging of Heterogeneous Polymeric Materials With Near-Field IR Microscopy
Published: 4/1/2005
Authors: Chris A Michaels, D B Chase, Stephan J Stranick
Abstract: The development of techniques to probe spatial variations in chemical composition on the nanoscale continues to be an important area of research in the characterization of polymeric materials. Recent efforts have focused on the development and chara ...

16. Horizontal Growth and In Situ Assembly of Oriented ZnO Nanowires
Published: 3/13/2005
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, Chris A Michaels, Mark D Vaudin, Stephan J Stranick

17. Horizontal Growth and In Situ Assembly of Oriented Zinc Oxide Nanowires
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, Chris A Michaels, Stephan J Stranick, Mark D Vaudin
Abstract: The positioning and directed assembly of semiconductor nanowires (NWs) is of considerable current interest for bottom-up approaches to the engineering of intricate structures from nanoscale building blocks. We report a horizontal growth mode for ...

18. Template Fabrication of Protein-Functionalized Gold-Polypyrrole-Gold Segmented Nanowires
Published: 9/1/2004
Authors: R M Hernandez, Lee J Richter, Stephen Semancik, Stephan J Stranick, Thomas E. Mallouk
Abstract: Gold nanowires containing protein-modified poly(pyrrole) (Ppy) junctions were synthesized electrochemically using porous aluminum oxide as a template. The effects of the conditions of electrochemical synthesis on Ppy growth and protein (avidin or st ...

19. Controlling The Growth Direction of ZnO Nanowires (NWs) on c and a -Plane Sapphire
Published: 2/1/2004
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, Albert Davydov, Stephan J Stranick
Abstract: The issue of controlling the growth direction of NWs is vital in nanotechnology applications and future optoelectronic devices. In an effort to address the above, we have begun studies aimed at selectively controlling the growth direction of horizont ...

20. Near-Field Vibrational Spectroscopy: Infrared and Raman Studies at High Spatial Resolution
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Stephan J Stranick, D B Chase, Chris A Michaels
Abstract: The ability to measure chemical bond changes on the nanometer scale is of critical importance for the characterization of catalytic materials, engineered materials and surfaces relevant to biological problems. In this paper, we will outline the deve ...

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