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21. Evaluation Specimens for Izod Impact Machines (SRM 2115): Report of Analysis
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 260-164
Published: 10/1/2006
Authors: Thomas A. (Thomas A.) Siewert, Jolene D Splett, Raymond L Santoyo
Abstract: In the past few years, we have received a number of requests for verification specimens for Izod impact machines, similar to what we offer for Charpy impact machines. Although there are similarities between Izod and Charpy impact testing, there are s ...

22. International Comparison of Impact Reference Materials (2004)
Published: 4/3/2006
Authors: Christopher N McCowan, G. Roebben, Y. Yamaguchi, S. Lefrancois, Jolene D Splett, S. Takagi, A. Lamberty
Abstract: A three-year horizontal comparison has been completed between national laboratories that certify specimens for the indirect verification of Charpy impact test machines. The participants in this study were the Institute for Reference Materials and Mea ...

23. Analysis of Charpy impact verification data: 1993-2003
Published: 3/1/2006
Authors: Jolene D Splett, Christopher N McCowan
Abstract: Indirect verification tests, used to verify the performance of Charpy impact machines according to ASTM Standard E23, are evaluated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the data from these tests are co1lected in a database ...

24. Relative Permittivity and Loss Tangent Measurement Using the NIST 60 mm Cylindrical Cavity
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1537
Published: 9/1/2005
Authors: Michael D Janezic, Jolene D Splett, Kevin J Coakley, Raian K. Kaiser, John H. Grosvenor Jr
Abstract: In order to develop a dielectric Standard Reference Material (SRM), a measurement system for measuring the relative permittivity and loss tangent of dielectric materials is presented. To achieve the necessary level of measurement accuracy, we selecte ...

25. Unexpected Effect of Field Angle in Magnetoresistance Measurements of High-Purity Nb
Published: 6/1/2005
Authors: Loren Frederick Goodrich, Theodore C Stauffer, Jolene D Splett, Dominic F. (Dominic F.) Vecchia
Abstract: We report on unexpected field-angle dependence of the magnetoresistance measurements of commercial, high-purity Nb discovered during our study of residual resistivity ratio (RRR{/I}) measurements. The (RRR{/I}) value indicates the purity and th ...

26. Uncertainty in Reference Values for the Charpy V-notch Verification Program
Published: 5/1/2005
Authors: Jolene D Splett, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: We present a method for computing the combined standard uncertainty for reference values used in the Charpy machine verification program administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The technique is compliant with the ISO GUM ...

27. Nonlinear Modeling of Tunnel Diode Detectors
Published: 9/24/2004
Authors: David K Walker, Kevin J Coakley, Jolene D Splett
Abstract: We investigate the sensitivity and nonlinear properties of a tunnel diode microwave detector as functions of the input power and the load impedance presented at the detector's output. We compare the two-tone method estimate of nonlinearity with preci ...

28. Measuring residual resistivity ratio of high-purity Nb
Published: 7/27/2004
Authors: Loren Frederick Goodrich, Theodore C Stauffer, Jolene D Splett, Dominic F. (Dominic F.) Vecchia
Abstract: We compared methods of measuring the residual resistivity ratio (RRR) of high-purity Nb using transport current. Our experimental study is intended to answer some fundamental questions about the best measurement for RRR and the biases that may exist ...

29. Modeling Warm-Up Drift in Commercial Harmonic Phase Standards
Published: 7/2/2004
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Jolene D Splett, Dominic F. (Dominic F.) Vecchia, Donald C. DeGroot
Abstract: We develop an empirical model for the warm-up drift of harmonic phase standards that are used to calibrate the phase distortion of nonlinear vector nrtworks analyzers. This model will enable us to estimate the time at which the standards reach stabil ...

30. Estimation of Q-Factors and Resonant Frequencies
Published: 3/1/2003
Authors: Kevin J Coakley, Jolene D Splett, Michael D Janezic, R F Kaiser
Abstract: We estimate the quality factor Q and resonant frequency f^do^ of a microwave cavity based on resonance curve observations on an equally-spaced frequency grid. The observed resonance curve is the squared magnitude of an observed complex scattering pa ...

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