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11. Influence of the Colloidal Environment on the Magnetic Behavior of Cobalt Nanoparticles
Published: 11/6/2007
Authors: Guangjun Cheng, Cindi L Dennis, Robert D Shull, Angela R Hight Walker
Abstract: The magnetic properties of 10 nm cobalt (Co) nanoparticles in 1,2-dicholorbenenze (DCB) are investigated via a series of magnetization (M) vs. temperature (T) measurements. A rapid rise in magnetization around 250 K during warming and a sudden drop a ...

12. Nanocrystalline and Nanocomposite Magnetic Materials and Their Applications
Published: 7/2/2007
Author: Robert D Shull
Abstract: Nanocrystalline materials can possess bulk properties quite different from those commonly associated with conventional large-grained materials. Nanocomposites, a subset of nanocrystalline materials, in addition have been found to possess magnetic pr ...

13. Teaching Materials Science to Children, Ages 8-14
Published: 6/7/2007
Author: Robert D Shull
Abstract: A pre-high school science program, Adventure In Science (AIS), has been running in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area for the past 33 years. It s President, Dr. Robert D. Shull, a scientist in the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory at the Nat ...

14. The Influence of Temperature on the Magnetic Behavior of Collodial Cobalt Nanoparticles
Published: 6/7/2007
Authors: Cindi L Dennis, Brian B. Maranville, Angela R Hight Walker, Robert D Shull

15. Asymmetrical Domain Nucleation and Unusual Magnetization Reversal of Ultrathin Co Films and Co/Pt Multilayers With Perpendicular Anisotropy
Published: 3/16/2007
Authors: Yu L Iunin, Yury P. Kabanov, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, X M Cheng, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull, C L Chien
Abstract: The features of magnetization reversal in Pt/[CO/Pt]_{n}/Pt multilayers (n = 1, 2, 4) have been studied using magneto-optical Kerr microscopy. Asymmetric nucleation centers were revealed where domains form at different positions for up or down magne ...

16. National Nanotechnology Initiative Interagency Workshop on Instrumentation and Metrology for Nanotechnology Grand Challenge Report
Published: 8/1/2006
Authors: Michael T Postek, Richard R Cavanagh, C M Allocca, Douglas T Smith, Robert D Shull, David A Wollman, David G Seiler, Stephen Knight, A Diebold, Richard M Silver, Charles W Clark, Kevin W Lyons, James R Whetstone, Ronald F Boisvert

17. Amorphous FeCoCrZrB Ferromagnets for Use as High-Temperature Magnetic Refrigerants
Published: 4/27/2006
Authors: Freemon Johnson, Robert D Shull
Abstract: Magnetic metallic glasses, having large magnetic moments and high Curie Temperatures (TC), have not been widely studied as magnetic refrigerants. In this study, we report on the magnetocaloric effects of five FeCoCrZrB amorphous alloys ((FexCoyCrz)91 ...

18. The Effects of Small Metal Additions (Co, Cu, Ga, Mn, Al, Bi, Sn) on the Magnetocaloric Properties of the Gd^d5^Ge^d2^Si^d2^ Alloy
Published: 4/26/2006
Authors: Robert D Shull, Virgil Provenzano, Alexander J. Shapiro, A Fu, M W Lufaso, E Karapetrova, G Kletetschka, V Mikula
Abstract: It was shown that adding one atomic percent Fe to Gd5Ge2Si2 greatly reduced its large hysteresis losses, broadened the magnetic entropy change, ?Sm, versus temperature, T, peak, and shifted the ?Sm peak value from 275 K to 305 K[1]. The present pape ...

19. Unusual Magnetization Reversal in [Co/Pt]4 Multilayers With Perpendicular Anisotropy
Published: 4/21/2006
Authors: X M Cheng, Valerian Ivanovich Nikitenko, Alexander J. Shapiro, Robert D Shull, C L Chien
Abstract: Unusual magnetization reversal of [Co(4 )/Pt(10 )]4 multilayers with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy has been revealed macroscopically by magnetometry measurements and microscopically by magneto-optical Kerr effect (MOKE) microscopy and magnetic fo ...

20. Structure and Magnetocaloric Properties of the Fe-Doped HoTiGe Alloy
Published: 4/20/2006
Authors: Virgil Provenzano, B Baumgold, Robert D Shull, Alexander J. Shapiro, Keiichi Koyama, Kazuo Watanabe, N K Singh, K G Suresh, A K Nigam, S K Malik
Abstract: The structure and magnetocaloric properties of the Fe-doped HoTiGe compound were investigated by means of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS), x-ray diffraction (XRD), superconducting quantum interference device ( ...

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