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141. Local Screening of a Core Hole: a Real-Space Approach Applied to Hafnium Oxide
Published: Date unknown
Author: Eric L Shirley
Abstract: An approach to screening a core hole s potential in solids for purposes such as theoretical near-edge spectrum calculations is developed. In this approach, the core hole s unscreened potential is decomposed into a short-range part and long-range par ...

142. Minizing Spatial-Dispersion-Induced Birefringence in Crystals Used for Precision Optics by Using Mixed Crystals of Materials With the Opposite Sign of the Birefringence
Published: Date unknown
Authors: John H. Burnett, Zachary H Levine, Eric L Shirley
Abstract: We recently measured and calculated an intrinsic birefringence in CaF^d2^ and BaF^d2^ cubic crystals in the ultraviolet (UV). These results present serious problems for use fo these crystalline materials for precision optics in the UV, e.g., for UV ...

143. Modeling Core-Hole Screening in Core-Excitation Spectroscopies
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Eric L Shirley, J A Soininen, J J Rehr
Abstract: We consider screening of the core-hole potential experienced by the ejected electron in core-excitation processes. This potential affects near-edge structure strongly, but it appears difficult to consistently obtain reliable screened core-hole poten ...

144. Multi-Pole Representation of the Dielectric Matrix
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J A Soininen, J J Rehr, Eric L Shirley
Abstract: A good approximation for the electron self-energy or the electron quasiparticle properties is needed for an accurate calculation of x-ray absorption spectra. The GW approximation (GWA) has been found to be relatively reliable in predicting the quasi ...

145. Multiphonon Processes and Infrared Dielectric Response
Published: Date unknown
Authors: H M Lawler, Eric L Shirley

146. NIST Diffraction Program for Diffraction Corrections in Radiometry
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Eric L Shirley, Raju Vsnu Datla
Abstract: This package contains the documentation for a program that computes diffraction corrections for simple radiometric applications. A diskette containing the program executable and files for sample calculations is also included.

147. Soft X-Ray Fluorescence Studies of Solids
Published: Date unknown
Authors: J A Carlisle, Steven R Blankenship, R N Smith, Eric L Shirley, L J Terminello, J J Jia, T A Callcott, D L Ederer
Abstract: Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) has been observed in many systems above and below their core threshold. Below threshold, inelastic-loss features are observed, which disperse linearly with excitation energy, but as the excitation increases ...

148. Straight-edge Diffraction of Planck Radiation
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Peter J Mohr, Eric L Shirley
Abstract: The irradiance diffraction profile of a straight edge is given as a Taylor series in powers of the distance from the geometrical shadow boundary to any point in the profile for monochromatic radiation. The coefficients of the series, which are obtain ...

149. Strain-Induced Ferroelectric SrTiO^d3^ Thin Films Grown Coherently on Si(001): Experiment and Theory
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Joseph C Woicik, Eric L Shirley, Daniel A Fischer, S Sambasivan, C R Ashman, C S Hellberg, H Li
Abstract: Ferroelectric crystals possess an electric dipole moment even in the absence of an external electric field. In order for this spontaneous polarization to arise, the center of positive charge of the crystal must displace from its center of negative ch ...

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