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81. Using Ontologies to Aid Navigation Planning in Autonomous Vehicles
Published: 9/1/2003
Authors: Craig I Schlenoff, Stephen B. Balakirsky, M Uschold, R Provine, S J Smith
Abstract: This paper describes a system whose overall goal is to utilize ontologies to enhance the capabilities and performance of autonomous vehicles, particularly in the area of navigation planning. Our approach is to develop an ontology of objects based upo ...

82. Moving Object Prediction for Off-Road Autonomous Navigation
Published: 8/25/2003
Authors: Rajmohan Madhavan, Craig I Schlenoff
Abstract: The realization of on- and o.-road autonomous navigation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) requiresreal-time motion planning in the presence of dynamic objects with unknown trajectories. To successfully planpaths and to navigate in an unstructured e ...

83. Developing World Model Data Specifications as Metrics for Sensory Processing for On-Road Driving Tasks
Published: 8/18/2003
Authors: Tony Barbera, John A Horst, Craig I Schlenoff, Evan K Wallace, David Aha
Abstract: Building knowledge-intensive real-time ntelligent control systems is one of the most difficult tasks that humans attempt. It is motivated by the desire to create an artificial reasoning system that displays intelligent behavior (i.e. that can act on ...

84. Performance Evaluation of Tools and Techniques for Representing Cost-Based Decision Criteria for On-Road Autonomous Navigation
Published: 8/18/2003
Authors: Neil M Zimmerman, Craig I Schlenoff, Stephen B. Balakirsky
Abstract: The purpose of the work described in this paper is to analyze rule-based and functional tools to determine which are best suited for cost generation in an autonomous vehicular system. In this context, costs are numeric values that represent a penalty ...

85. An Approach to Predicting the Location of Moving Objects During On-Road Navigation
Published: 8/15/2003
Authors: Craig I Schlenoff, Rajmohan Madhavan, Stephen B. Balakirsky
Abstract: For an autonomous vehicle to navigate in real-time within a dynamic environment, it must be able to respond to moving objects. In particular, it must be able to predict, with appropriate levels of confidence, where those objects are expected to be at ...

86. Moving Object Prediction for Off-road Autonomous Navigation
Published: 4/25/2003
Authors: Rajmohan Madhavan, Craig I Schlenoff
Abstract: The realization of on- and off-road autonomous navigation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) requires real-time motion planning in the presence of dynamic objects with unknown trajectories. To successfully plan paths and to navigate in an unstructure ...

87. Software Engineering for Intelligent Control Systems
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7095
Published: 11/1/2002
Authors: Tony Barbera, Elena R Messina, Hui-Min Huang, Craig I Schlenoff, Stephen B. Balakirsky
Abstract: Understanding how humans manage information and carry out actions provides a foundation for the software engineering of intelligent control systems. The Real-time Control System (RCS) design methodology and reference architecture, founded on human in ...

88. Knowledge Engineering for Real Time Control
Published: 10/30/2002
Authors: John Evans, Elena R Messina, James S. Albus, Craig I Schlenoff
Abstract: The key to real-time intelligent control lies in the knowledge models that the system contains. Three main classes of knowledge are identified: parametric, geometric/iconic, and symbolic. Each of these classes provides unique perspectives and adva ...

89. Towards a Formal Representation of Driving Behaviors
Published: 10/28/2002
Authors: Craig I Schlenoff, Michael Gruninger
Abstract: To successfully perform their required tasks, intelligent information agents require accurate and meaningful communication and integration among other agents and information resources. However, the applications and infrastructure of information techn ...

90. Applications Panel: Agents Applied to Autonomous Vehicles
Published: 10/1/2002
Author: Craig I Schlenoff
Abstract: In order to make an unmanned vehicle drive truly autonomously, many different software components are needed. Each of these components is tasked with providing a particular function that is necessary to accomplish the ultimate goal of autonomous driv ...

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