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1. Classification of Semiconducting Polymeric Mesophases to Optimize Device Post-Processing
Published: 8/17/2015
Authors: Chad R Snyder, Regis J Kline, Dean M DeLongchamp, Ryan C Nieuwendaal, Lee J Richter, Martin Heeney, Iain McCulloch
Abstract: Semiconducting polymers form a variety of phases and mesophases that respond differently to post-deposition solvent or thermal treatments. Here it is shown that classification of these materials into their appropriate mesophases can be a useful tool ...

2. Dithiol-based Modification of Poly(dopamine): Enabling Protein Resistance Via Short-Chain Ethylene Oxide Oligomers
Published: 3/16/2015
Authors: Amit Vaish, David J. Vanderah, Lee J Richter, Michael Dimitriou, Kristen L. Steffens, Marlon L Walker
Abstract: We present a facile strategy to modify poly(dopamine)(PDA)-coated substrates. Using thiol-terminated short chain ethylene oxide oligomers (OEG) under aqueous conditions, we explore the creation of a model surface exhibiting resistance to nonspecific ...

3. Attachment of a Reduction-Oxidative Active Diruthenium Compound to Au and Si Surfaces by ,ClickŠ Chemistry
Published: 8/10/2014
Authors: Sujitra Jeanie Pookpanratana, Joseph William Robertson, Curt A Richter, Christina Ann Hacker, Lee J Richter, Julia Savchenko, Steven Cummings, Tong Ren
Abstract: We report the formation of molecular monolayers containing redox-active diruthenium(II,III) compound to gold and silicon surfaces via ,clickŠ chemistry. The use of Cu-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition enables modular design of molecular surfa ...

4. Probing charge recombination dynamics in organic photovoltaic devices at open circuit conditions
Published: 6/12/2014
Authors: Lindsay Christina Clark Elliott, James I. Basham, Kurt Pernstich, Pragya Rasmi Shrestha, Lee J Richter, Dean M DeLongchamp, David J Gundlach

5. Morphological origin of charge transport anisotropy in aligned polythiophene thin films
Published: 6/11/2014
Authors: Brendan T. O'Connor, Obadiah G. Reid, Xinran Zhang, Regis J Kline, Lee J Richter, David J Gundlach, Dean M DeLongchamp, Michael F. Toney, Nikos Kopidakis, Garry Rumbles
Abstract: The morphological origin of anisotropic charge transport in uniaxially strain aligned poly(3-hexylthiophene) (P3HT) films is investigated. The macroscale field effect mobility anisotropy is measured in an organic thin film transistor (OTFT) configura ...

6. Ellipsometric characterization of advance properties in conjugated polymer films
Published: 4/16/2014
Authors: Lee J Richter, Mariano Campoy Quiles
Abstract: Conjugated polymers are attracting worldwide attention due to the cost-effective and low thermal budget processing traits of plastics combined with their potential as the active layer in advanced electronic, optoelectronic and energy harvesting appli ...

7. Nonlinear Vibrational Spectrometry
Published: 12/31/2013
Author: Lee J Richter
Abstract: Second order nonlinear spectroscopies such as sum frequency generation (SFG) are intrinsically interface sensitive and enable sub monolayer sensitivity to be achieved at buried, optically accessible interfaces. Vibrationally-resonant SFG allows bond ...

8. Vertically Segregated Structure and Properties of small molecule-polymer blend semiconductors for organic thin film transistors
Published: 8/27/2012
Authors: Nayool Shin, Dean M DeLongchamp, Jihoon Kang, Regis J Kline, Lee J Richter, Vivek M Prabhu, Balaji Purushothamanc, John E Anthony, Do Y Yoon
Abstract: The phase-segregated structure and the electrical properties of thin film blends of the small-molecule semiconductor fluorinated 5,11-bis(triethylsilylethynyl) anthradithiophene with insulating binder polymers were studied for organic thin film trans ...

9. 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane Functionalization and Biotinylation of 4H-SiC for Immobilization of Streptavidin
Published: 6/1/2012
Authors: Elissa H Williams, Albert Davydov, John A Schreifels, Mulpuri V. Rao, Abhishek Motayed, Siddarth Sundaresan, Peter Bocchini, Lee J Richter, Gheorghe Stan, Kristen L. Steffens, Rebecca A Zangmeister
Abstract: (0001) 4H-SiC was functionalized with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTES) and subsequently biotinylated for the immobilization of streptavidin. Atomic force microscopy (AFM), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), ellipsometry, fluorescence microsc ...

10. Surface Plasmon Polariton Raman Microscopy
Published: 1/1/2012
Authors: Hae-Wook Yoo, Lee J Richter, Hee-Tae Jung, Chris A Michaels
Abstract: We report surface plasmon polariton (SPP) mediated Raman microscopy on dielectric films in contact with a Ag layer at 785 nm with spatial resolution approaching the optical diffraction limit and reasonable spectral acquisition times. The excitation ...

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