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1. Experimental investigation of Low-pressure refrigerant mixtures for Micro Cryogenic Coolers
Published: 2/4/2013
Authors: Ryan John Lewis, Yunda Wang, Peter E Bradley, Marcia L Huber, Ray Radebaugh, Y. C. Lee
Abstract: Micro Cryogenic Coolers (MCCs) can achieve very small sizes and high efficiencies when operating with a refrigerant mixture, but micro-scale compressors have a limited pressure output. Four refrigerant mixtures were designed to operate between 0.4 MP ...

2. Enthalpy change measurements of a mixed refrigerant in a microcryogenic cooler in steady and pulsating flow regimes
Published: 8/29/2012
Authors: Ryan John Lewis, Yunda Wang, Mu Hong Lin, Marcia L Huber, Ray Radebaugh, Yung-Cheng Lee
Abstract: Micro cryogenic coolers (MCCs) are useful to a number of small electronic devices which require low cooling power. The cooling power of MCCs operating with mixed refrigerants in a Joule-Thompson (J-T) cycle can be calculated based on enthalpy calcula ...

Published: 11/17/2011
Authors: Ryan John Lewis, Mu Hong Lin, Yunda Wang, Jill Cooper, Peter E Bradley, Ray Radebaugh, Marcia L Huber, Yung-Cheng Lee
Abstract: Joule-Thompson (J-T) based micro cryogenic coolers (MCCs) are attractive because they can provide the cryogenic temperatures needed for small electronic devices while having a low cost and small volumetric footprint. A compressor is a major part of a ...

4. Secondary Pulse Tubes and Regenerators for Coupling to Room-Temperature Phase Shifters in Multistage Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
Published: 10/3/2011
Authors: Ray Radebaugh, Agnes (Abbie) O'Gallagher, John M. Gary
Abstract: Multistage pulse tube cryocoolers require separate phase shifters for each stage. For sufficiently high frequency and acoustic power, the inertance tube is commonly used for such phase shifting. For Stirling-type, multistage pulse tube cryocoolers ...

5. Micro Cryogenic Coolers for IR Imaging
Published: 4/29/2011
Authors: Ryan John Lewis, Yunda Wang, Jill Cooper, Mu Hong Lin, Victor M. Bright, Yung-Cheng Lee, Peter E Bradley, Ray Radebaugh, Marcia L Huber
Abstract: Joule-Thomson micro cryogenic coolers (MCCs) are a preferred approach for small and low power cryocoolers. With the same heat lift, MCC‰s power input can be only 1/10 of a thermoelectric cooler‰s input, and MCC‰s size can be only 1/10 of a Stirling c ...

6. Model for Transient Behavior of Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 1/1/2011
Authors: Gershon Grossman, Peter E Bradley, Michael A Lewis, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: This article describes an investigation of the transient behavior of a small (2.0 W at 85 K) Pulse Tube cryocooler operating at 120 Hz with an average pressure of 3.5 MPa, capable of relatively fast cool-down to about 60 K. In a series of experiments ...

7. Mixed Refrigerants for a Glass Capillary Micro Cryogenic Cooler
Published: 4/24/2010
Authors: Mu Hong Lin, Peter E Bradley, Marcia L Huber, Ryan John Lewis, Ray Radebaugh, Yung-Cheng Lee
Abstract: Optimized mixed refrigerants are applied in Joule-Thomson (JT) micro cryogenic coolers (MCC) to enhance efficiency. Mixed refrigerants deliver equivalent refrigeration power with much lower pressure ratio and flow rate compared to pure nitrogen r ...

8. Cryocoolers: State of the art and recent developments
Published: 3/31/2009
Author: Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: Cryocooler performance and reliability are continually improving. Consequently, they are more and more frequently implemented by physicists in their laboratory experiments or for commercial and space applications. The five types of cryocoolers most ...

Published: 4/3/2007
Authors: Yonghua Huang, G.B. Chen, V. Arp, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: Experimental data of the thermophysical properties of 3He were mined into a searchable database. Equilibrium equations along the vapor-liquid and liquid-solid lines were proposed. A general equation of state for normal fluid 3He based on the Debye sp ...

Published: 4/2/2007
Authors: V. Arp, Yonghua Huang, Ray Radebaugh, G.B. Chen
Abstract: We describe a new form of a fluid state equation, based on a conceptual extrapolation from the Debye equation for the specific heat of solid materials. The Debye characteristic temperature, theta, which is nominally a constant for solids, becomes a f ...

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