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21. Development of Miniature, High Frequency Pulse Tube Cryocoolers
Published: 4/5/2010
Authors: Ray Radebaugh, Isaac Garaway, Alexander Veprik
Abstract: Because acoustic power density is proportional to frequency, the size of pulse tube cryocoolers for a given refrigeration power can be reduced by operating them at higher frequencies. A frequency of about 60 Hz had been considered the maximum freque ...

22. Development of a 4 K Stirling-Type Pulse Tube Cryocooler for a Mobile Terahertz Detection System
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Peter E Bradley, Eyal Gerecht, Ray Radebaugh, Isaac Garaway
Abstract: We discuss in this paper the design and development of a 4 K Stirling-type pulse tube cryocooler for a mobile terahertz detection system. This system integrates new heterodyne detector technology at terahertz frequencies with advancements of Stirlin ...

23. Diagnostics and Optimization of a Miniature High Frequency Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Isaac Garaway, Alexander Veprik, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: A miniature, high energy density, Pulse Tube cryocooler has been developed, tested, diagnosed and optimized to provide appropriate cooling for size-limited cryogenic applications demanding fast cool down. This cryocooler, originally designed using R ...

24. Investigation of Flow Nonuniformities in a Large 50 K Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Michael A Lewis, Ryan P. Taylor, Ray Radebaugh, Isaac Garaway, Peter E Bradley
Abstract: A single stage pulse tube cryocooler was optimized to provide 50 W of net refrigeration power at 50 K when driven by a pressure oscillator that can produce up to 2.8 kW of acoustic power at 60 Hz. The cryocooler was designed with the ability to provi ...

25. Optimization Calculations for a 30 HZ, 4 K Regenerator with Helium-3 Working Fluid
Published: 6/28/2009
Authors: Ray Radebaugh, Yonghua Huang, Agnes A. O'Gallagher, John M. Gary
Abstract: The NIST numerical software, REGEN3.3, which incorporates both He-4 and He-3 properties, was used to calculate the losses and second law efficiencies of 4 K regenerators operating at 30 Hz. Operating parameters, such as average pressure, pressure ra ...

26. Cryocoolers: State of the art and recent developments
Published: 3/31/2009
Author: Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: Cryocooler performance and reliability are continually improving. Consequently, they are more and more frequently implemented by physicists in their laboratory experiments or for commercial and space applications. The five types of cryocoolers most ...

27. Calculated Performance of Low-Porosity Regenerators at 4 K with He-4 and He-3
Published: 6/9/2008
Authors: Ray Radebaugh, Yonghua Huang, Agnes A. O'Gallagher, John M. Gary
Abstract: Previously we have shown that the lower volumetric heat capacity and more ideal behavior of helium-3 compared with helium-4 at 4 K results in an improved performance for packed sphere regenerators operating with helium-3 between 4 K and about 20 K. ...

28. Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Rapid Cooldown of A Superconducting Magnet
Published: 6/9/2008
Authors: Michael A Lewis, Ryan Pierce Taylor, Peter E Bradley, Isaac Garaway, Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: A single-stage pulse tube cryocooler was designed to provide rapid cooldown of a high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet that is part of a gyrotron required for the generation of a high-power mm-wave (95 GHz) beams. These beams are used in the ...

29. Progress in the Development and Performance of a High Frequency 4 K Stirling-Type Pulse Tube Cryocooler
Published: 5/17/2008
Authors: Peter E Bradley, Ray Radebaugh, Isaac Garaway
Abstract: Presently we are in the development process for a 4 K Stirling-type pulse tube cryocooler to support cooling requirements for a mobile THz detector system. In this paper we discuss the status of this development and the optimization methods for achi ...

30. Status and Recent Trends in Cryocooler Research
Published: 4/6/2008
Author: Ray Radebaugh
Abstract: The five types of cryocoolers used to provide cryogenic temperatures for various applications are the Joule-Thomson, Brayton, Stirling, Gifford-McMahon, and pulse tube cryocoolers.  Many advances in all types have occurred in the past twenty yea ...

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