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61. Use of Open Source Distribution for a Machine Tool Controller
Published: 11/1/2000
Authors: William P Shackleford, Frederick M Proctor
Abstract: In recent years a growing number of government and university labs, non-profit organizations and even a few for-profit corporations have found that making their source code public is good for both developers and users. In machine tool control, a grow ...

62. Real-Time Control System Software for Intelligent System Development: Experiments and an Educational Program
Published: 9/1/2000
Authors: V Gazi, M L Moore, K M Passino, William P Shackleford, Frederick M Proctor, James S. Albus
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has been developing the Real-Time Control Systems (RCS) software for more than two decades and using it for the design and implementation of complex intelligent control systems. Present appli ...

63. The NIST RS274NGC Interpreter - Version 3
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6556
Published: 8/1/2000
Authors: Thomas Rollin Kramer, Frederick M Proctor, Elena R Messina
Abstract: This report describes an interpreter which reads numerical control code and produces calls to a set of canonical machining functions. The interpreteris a software system written in the C++ programming language. The output of the interpreter may be us ...

64. Cable-Based Reconfigurable Machines for Large Scale Manufacturing
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: Roger V Bostelman, Adam S Jacoff, Frederick M Proctor, Thomas Rollin Kramer, Albert J. Wavering
Abstract: Robot Crane, Robotics & Intelligent Systems, Control

65. An Architecture and Tool for Large-scale System Control with a manufacturing system application
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: Hui-Min Huang, James S. Albus, William P Shackleford, Harry A. Scott, Thomas Rollin Kramer, Elena R Messina, Frederick M Proctor
Abstract: This paper describes a reference architecture that is applicable to multiple classes of large-scale, complex real-time control systems. An associated tool, Generic Shell, is also described. Generic Shell employs a set of code templates that faci ...

66. The Neutral Message Language: A Model and Method for Message Passing in Heterogeneous Environments
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: William P Shackleford, Frederick M Proctor, John L Michaloski
Abstract: Software Engineering, Standards

67. The Neutral Message Language: A Model and Method for Message Passing in Heterogeneous Environments
Published: 6/1/2000
Authors: William P Shackleford, Frederick M Proctor, John L Michaloski
Abstract: To achieve efficient communication between distributed real-time processes, it is desirable to both choose the best protocol for each communication path and limit variation to improve software portability. These divergent goals can be satisfied throu ...

68. An Automated Hierarchical Process Planning System
Published: 4/28/2000
Authors: Thomas Rollin Kramer, Hui-Min Huang, Elena R Messina, Frederick M Proctor, Harry A. Scott
Abstract: This paper describes an automated hierarchical process planning system for machining and inspecting discrete parts in an RCS type control system. The system integrates planning with control of a 3-axis machining center and a coordinate measuring mach ...

69. Using Shared Memory in Real-Time Linux
Published: 1/1/1999
Author: Frederick M Proctor
Abstract: Shared memory can be used in place of first-in-first-out queues (FIFOs) for communication between Linux operating system user processes and real-time Kernel modules. Shared memory has some features (e.g., fast access to large data structures, multip ...

70. A Feature-Based Machining System Using STEP
Published: 11/30/1998
Authors: Frederick M Proctor, Thomas Rollin Kramer
Abstract: Discrete part manufacturing flows from a design phase in which product information is defined to a manufacturing phase in which the processes are planned and executed. Process planning typically culminates with the generation of numerical control (NC ...

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