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1. A Bose-Einstein Condensate in a Uniform Light-Induced Vector Potential
Published: 3/30/2009
Authors: Yu-Ju Lin, Robert L. Compton, Abigail Reiko Perry, William D Phillips, James V Porto, Ian B Spielman
Abstract: We use a two-photon dressing field to create an effective vector gauge potential for Bose-condensed ^87Rb atoms in the F=1 hyperfine ground state. The dressed states in this Raman field are spin and momentum superpositions, and we adiabatically load ...

2. Absolute transition frequencies and quantum interference in a frequency comb based measurement of the 6,7Li D lines
Published: 7/6/2011
Authors: Craig J Sansonetti, Clayton Simien, John D Gillaspy, Joseph N Tan, Samuel Middleton Brewer, Roger C Brown, Saijun Wu, James V Porto
Abstract: Optical frequencies of the D lines of 6,7Li were measured with a relative accuracy of 5x10-11 using an optical comb synthesizer. Quantum interference in the laser induced fluorescence for the partially-resolved D2 lines was found to produce polariz ...

3. Adiabatic Loading of Bosons Into Optical Lattices
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P B Blakie, James V Porto
Abstract: We calculate the entropy-temperature curves for non-interacting bosons in a 3D optical lattice and a 2D lattice with transverse harmonic confinement for ranges of depths and filling factors relevant to current experiments. These curves predict regime ...

4. Adiabatic Preparation of Many-Body States in Optical Lattices
Published: 6/22/2010
Authors: James V Porto, Anders Sorensen, Ehud Altman, Michael Gullans, Mikhail Lukin, Eugene Demler
Abstract: We analyze a technique for the preparation of low entropy many-body states of atoms in optical lattices based on adiabatic passage. In particular, we show that this method allows preparation of strongly correlated states as stable highest energy st ...

5. Adiabatic loading of bosons into optical lattices
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: P B Blakie, James V Porto

6. Analysis of Broad Band X-Ray Spectra of Highly Charged Krypton From a Microcalorimeter Detector on an EBIT
Published: 1/1/2001
Authors: I Kink, J M Laming, E Takacs, James V Porto, John D Gillaspy, E Silver, H W Schnopper, Simon R. Bandler, M Barbera, N Brickhouse, S Murray, N Madden, D Landis, J Beeman, E E Haller

7. Analysis of Broadband X-Ray Spectra of Highly Charged Krypton From a Microcalorimeter Detector of an Electron-Beam Ion Trap
Published: 4/1/2001
Authors: I Kink, J M Laming, E Takacs, James V Porto, John D Gillaspy, E Silver, H. Schnopper, Simon R. Bandler, M Barbera, N Brickhouse, S Murray, N. Madden, D Landis, J. Beeman, E. E. Haller
Abstract: Spectra of highly charged Kr ions, produced in an EBIT, have been recorded in a broad x-ray energy band (0.3-4 keV) with a microcalorimeter detector. Most of the spectral lines have been identified as transitions of B- to Al-like Kr. The transition ...

8. Bose-Einstein Condensate in Optical Lattices
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: A Browaeys, James V Porto, S P Peil, B Laburthe, J Obrecht, C R McKenzie
Abstract: We will present some results from the two Bose-Einstein condensation experiments at NIST Gaithersburg (on sodium and rubidium). We investigate the behaviour of the condensate in an optical lattice. The lattices are created by illuminating the cloud w ...

9. Broad Band, High Resolution Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions with a microcalorimeter on an Electron Beam Ion Trap
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: E H Silver, H W Schnopper, S Bandler, N Brickhouse, S Murray, M Barbera, E Takacs, John D Gillaspy, James V Porto, I Kink, L P. Ratliff, Lawrence T Hudson, J M Laming, N Madden, D Landis, J Beeman, E E Haller, R Schuch

10. Collisional De-excitation in a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Degenerate Bosonic Gas
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Ian B Spielman, Philip R Johnson, J H Huckans, C Fertig, S L. Rolston, William D Phillips, James V Porto

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