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71. Building Triage in Response to Wide-Area Bio-Releases: Concepts and Building Classification System
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1686
Published: 7/7/2011
Author: Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: In order to support effective responses to a wide-area release of a biological agent in an urban area, a ,building triageŠ approach is envisioned that will provide an estimate of the contamination levels of specific buildings that are likely to have ...

72. Airflow and Indoor Air Quality Analyses Capabilities of Energy Simulation Software
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Lisa Ng, Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: A wide range of tools are used to design and analyze the energy implications of different ventilation and space conditioning strategies to reduce building energy use. However, questions exist regarding how and whether these tools consider airflow and ...

73. Modelling Dynamic Aerosol Processes for Indoor Ultrafine Particles
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Dong H. Rim, Lance L. Wallace, Andrew Keith Persily, Jung I. Choi
Abstract: This study has investigated aerosol transformation processes for four common sources of indoor ultrafine particles (UFP): gas stove, electric stove, candle, and hair dryer. For each of the four UFP sources, the temporal change in particle size dist ...

74. Ultrafine Particles: 3 Years of Measurements in the NIST Test House
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Lance L. Wallace, Andrew Keith Persily, Steven J Emmerich, Dong H. Rim, Chi Phuong Hoang, Cynthia H. Reed, Wang Fang, M E. Greene, Jung I. Choi
Abstract: NIST has supported research characterizing ultrafine particle sources and dynamics for more than a decade. Over 90 % of ultrafine particles (UFP) produced by stovetop cooking on both gas and electric stoves were <10 nm in diameter. Emission rates o ...

75. Volatile Organic Compound Concentrations and Estimation of Optimal Source Strengths to Achieve a High Level of Acceptance Indoors using Multi- Zone Simulation
Published: 6/5/2011
Authors: Helena Jarnstrom, William S Dols, Cynthia H. Reed, Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: This study investigated the possibility of identifying chemical pollutant profiles and concentration levels that result in a high level of acceptance indoors. In addition, a multi-zone simulation tool, CONTAM, developed by the National Institute of S ...

76. Inter-laboratory study approach to validate the performance of a prototype reference material for product emissions testing
Published: 5/2/2011
Authors: Cynthia H. Reed, Andrew Keith Persily, Zhe Liu, Steve Cox, John Little, Wolfgang Horn, Olaf Wilke, Katharina Wiegner
Abstract: Product emissions chamber testing involves a complex protocol with several sources of measurement uncertainty (ASTM, 2010; ISO, 2006). Despite the potential for significant variability in measurement results within and among laboratories, there is no ...

77. Effects of ozone treatment on fungal growth, chemical components and surface morphological characteristics of wood flooring materials
Published: 2/16/2011
Authors: Chi Phuong Hoang, Tinh Nguyen, Deborah Stanley Jacobs, Andrew Keith Persily
Abstract: The effects of ozone treatment and extraction on fungal activities of bamboo and red-oak flooring materials have been investigated. One set of wood samples was extracted with cyclohexane and ethanol for 48 hours to remove extractable compounds. Anot ...

78. Ventilation Rates and Health: Multidisciplinary Review of the Scientific Literature
Published: 11/25/2010
Authors: Andrew Keith Persily, Jan Sundell, Hal Levin
Abstract: The scientific literature through 2005 on the effects of ventilation rates on health in non-industrial indoor environments (offices, schools, homes, etc.) has been reviewed by a multidisciplinary group of scientists from diverse fields relevant to in ...

79. Impacts of Airtightening Retrofits on Ventilation Rates and Energy Consumption in a Manufactured Home
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1673
Published: 9/30/2010
Authors: Steven J Nabinger, Andrew Keith Persily, William S Dols
Abstract: A retrofit study was conducted in a manufactured house to investigate the impacts of airtightening on ventilation rates and energy consumption. This paper describes the retrofits and the results of the pre- and post-retrofit assessment of building ai ...

80. Indoor Air Quality in Sustainable, Energy Efficient Buildings
Published: 8/15/2010
Authors: Andrew Keith Persily, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: Building designers, contractors, owners and managers have long been challenged with providing quality indoor environments at a reasonable energy cost. Current efforts to improve building energy efficiency, including goals of netzero energy use, are ...

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