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1. Surface-directed Growth of Nanowires: A Scalable Platform for Nanodevice Fabrication
Published: 7/11/2011
Author: Babak Nikoobakht
Abstract: Optical lithography continues to be the popular technique for further miniaturization of electronic circuitry and its components. However, as further device miniaturization continues, complexity of pattern generation and cost increase; therefore th ...

2. One-dimensional p-n heterojunctions of zinc oxide on gallium nitride: A structural characterization
Published: 7/1/2011
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, John E Bonevich, Andrew A Herzing
Abstract: Recently we showed lateral growth of ZnO nanowires and nanowalls on single crystal GaN and formation of bi- and tri-directional assembly of nanowires and nanowalls using a surface-directed vapor-liquid-solid process (SVLS). Taking advantage of this ...

3. Growth of Planar Arrays of One-dimensional p-n Heterojunctions
Published: 9/15/2010
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, Andrew A Herzing
Abstract: We report a general method for /in-situ/ formation and hierarchical assembly of nanowire-based semiconductor heterojunctions that are electrically addressable. Heterojunctions are formed by lateral epitaxial growth of nanowires/nanowalls on a semicon ...

4. Strained Zinc Oxide Nanowires on Sapphire: Transition From Horizontal to Standing Growth
Published: 6/25/2009
Authors: Babak Nikoobakht, Susie Eustis
Abstract: Our results show that growth of horizontal ZnO nanowires on sapphire a-plane takes place epitaxially with misfit dislocations much fewer than theoretically expected. In highly lattice mismatched systems, misfit dislocation formation is the common ro ...

5. Patterns of Ensemble Variation of the Optical Properties of ZnO Nanowires Grown with Copper and Gold Catalysts
Published: 3/19/2009
Authors: Susie Eustis, Lawrence H Robins, Babak Nikoobakht
Abstract: Analysis of the structural and optical properties of gold- and copper-catalyzed zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowires (NWs), grown in a high temperature tube furnace on a sapphire substrate shows non-uniformity over the substrate. The changes in the optical pr ...

6. Analysis of Copper incorporation in Zno Nanowires
Published: 1/12/2009
Authors: Susie Eustis, Douglas C Meier, M R. Beversluis, Babak Nikoobakht

7. A Scalable Platform for Integrating Horizontal Nanochannels with Known Registries to Microchannels
Published: 12/8/2008
Author: Babak Nikoobakht
Abstract: A new method for in-situ fabrication of nanochannels is developed which allows adjusting their average pore size to an unprecedented range of 5 nm to 20 nm. It is shown that nanochannels with different but controlled pore sizes are selectively fab ...

8. Towards Industrial Scale Fabrication of Nanowire-Based Devices
Published: 4/11/2007
Author: Babak Nikoobakht
Abstract: The key requirements for mass fabrication of nanodevices are directed positioning and alignment of nanoparticles (e.g., nanowires) with known registries on a large scale. Here, these issues are addressed in a high throughput and scalable approach fo ...

9. Growth Habits and Defects in ZnO Nanowires Grown on GaN/sapphire Substrates
Published: 9/5/2005
Authors: A V Davydov, Babak Nikoobakht, Norman A Sanford, Pavel Mogilevsky

10. Growth Habits and Defects in ZnO Nanowires Grown on GaN/Sapphire Substrates
Published: 8/31/2005
Authors: Igor Levin, Albert Davydov, Babak Nikoobakht, Norman A Sanford, Pavel Mogilevsky
Abstract: Growth habits and defects in epitaxial ZnO nanowires grown from Au catalyst on (0001) GaN/sapphire substrate using Vapor-Liquid-Solid (VLS) technique were studied using electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The results revealed presence of both ...

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