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11. Measurement Assurance Program for an Intercomparison of Josephson Voltage Standards between NIST and Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: W Wyatt Miller, Yi-hua Tang
Abstract: An intercomparison of 10 V Josephson voltage standards (JVS) between NIST and Lockheed Martin Astronautics (LMA) using four travelling Zener standards will be presented. The main purpose of the intercomparison was to establish traceability of LMA's ...

12. Interlaboratory Comparison of Josephson Voltage Standards (JVS) Between NIST and Lockheed Martin Astronautics (LMA)
Published: 5/1/2000
Authors: Yi-hua Tang, W Wyatt Miller
Abstract: Two JVS systems operated at the NIST and LMA were compared by using four traveling Zener standards. A MAP protocol was adopted for the comparison. The mean difference between the measurements of the two laboratories was found to be 0.059 5V with an ...

13. Experimental Investigation of the Validity of TDDB Voltage Acceleration Models
Published: 12/31/1994
Authors: John S Suehle, P Chaparala, C. Messick, W Wyatt Miller, K. C. Boyko

14. Field and Temperature Acceleration of Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown in Intrinsic Thin SiO^d2^
Published: 12/31/1994
Authors: John S Suehle, P Chaparala, C. Messick, W Wyatt Miller, K. C. Boyko

15. Controlled Interface Roughness in GaAs/AlAs Superlattices
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: W Wyatt Miller, William J Boettinger, W. F. Tseng, Joseph G. Pellegrino, J. Comas

16. Interface Roughness, Composition, and Alloying of Low-Order AlAs/GaAs Superlattices Studied by X-Ray Diffraction
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: W Wyatt Miller, Joseph G. Pellegrino, J. Comas

17. Periodicities in the X-Ray Diffraction of Low Order AlAs/GaAs Superlattices
Published: 12/31/1992
Authors: Joseph G. Pellegrino, S. B. Qadri, W. F. Tseng, W Wyatt Miller, J. Comas

18. Calibration of Water Permeation Tubes
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 250-82
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Gregory E Scace, W Wyatt Miller
Abstract: NIST provides traceability of permeation tube humidity generators to national humidity standards by measuring the water permeation rate of permeation tubes submitted for calibration. Permeation tubes undergoing calibration are installed into a speci ...

19. The Growth of Giant Magnetoresistance Films on Silicon Substrates: Opportunites, Challenges, and Impediments
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William F. Egelhoff Jr., Robert D McMichael, P J Chen, W Wyatt Miller, D Barak, Cedric John Powell
Abstract: One of the most promising opportunities in the rapidly emerging field of spintronics is the integration of ultrathin magnetic films on Si substrates for the direct injection of spin-polarized electrons into Si.[1,2] One of the most interesting combin ...

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