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11. Microstructured fiber entangles light for quantum information processing
Published: 8/6/2014
Authors: Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: With dispersion engineering and optimization of pump wavelength, four-wave mixing within a microstructured fiber can be used to produce high-purity entangled photons for applications in quantum information processing tasks.

12. Ultra-short gates improve the performance of high-speed gated single photon avalanche diodes
Published: 5/28/2014
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We gate a InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diode with a narrow periodic gate obtained by summing a 1.25 GHz sinusoid with its second and third harmonic. The temporal width (FWHM) of the gate is kept below 200 ps by adjusting relative weight of the ...

13. Hybrid Detectors
Published: 11/29/2013
Authors: Sergey V Polyakov, Alan L Migdall, Franco N.C. Wong, Ivo P Degiovanni, Ian Walmsley, Hendrik B Coldenstrodt-Ronge
Abstract: We present an overview of e orts to improve photon-counting detection systems through the use of hybrid detection techniques such as spatial- and time-multiplexing of conventional detectors, and frequency up-conversion. We review the basic operatio ...

14. Single-Photon Sources and Detectors Book: Chapter 1: Introduction
Published: 11/29/2013
Authors: Joshua C Bienfang, Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall, Sergey V Polyakov
Abstract: In the beginning there was light. And it was good. Not long thereafter people began to look for a comprehensive understanding of its nature. While the publication record starts o a little spotty, in the fth century BC the Greek philosopher Empedocl ...

15. Imaging topological edge states in silicon photonics
Published: 10/20/2013
Authors: Mohammad Hafezi, Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall, Jacob M Taylor
Abstract: Systems with topological oder exhibit exotic phenomena including fractional statistics. While most systems with topological order have been electronic, advances in our understanding of synthetic gauge fields have enabled realization of to ...

16. Deterministic Generation of Single-Photons via Multiplexing Repetitive Parametric Downconversions
Published: 7/17/2013
Authors: Boris L. Glebov, Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We show through Monte Carlo simulation, under realistic experimental conditions that a system which is composed of a just a few repetitive spontaneous parametric downconversion processes can approximate an on-demand single-photon source.

17. Mode reconstruction of a light field by multi-photon statistics
Published: 7/15/2013
Authors: Elizabeth A. Goldschmidt, Fabrizio Piacentini, I. Ruo Berchera, Sergey V Polyakov, Silke Peters, Stefan Kuck, Giorgio Brida, Ivo Pietro Degiovanni, Alan L Migdall, Marco Genovese
Abstract: Knowing the underlying number and structure of occupied modes of a light field plays a crucial role in minimizing loss and decoherence of quantum information. Typically, full characterization of the mode structure involves a series of several separ ...

18. Implementation of generalized quantum measurements for unambiguous discrimination of multiple nonorthogonal coherent states
Published: 6/18/2013
Authors: Francisco E. Becerra Chavez, Jingyun Fan, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: Generalized quantum measurements can perform perfect discrimination of nonorthogonal states by allowing for inconclusive results, task which is impossible performing only measurements with definite outcomes. We demonstrate the realization of genera ...

19. Photon-Number-Resolved Detection of Photon-Subtracted Thermal Light
Published: 6/18/2013
Authors: Jingyun Fan, Yanhua (Yanhua) Zhai, Francisco E. Becerra Chavez, Boris L. Glebov, Adriana E Lita, Brice R. Calkins, Thomas Gerrits, Sae Woo Nam, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We examine the photon statistics of photon-subtracted thermal light using photonnumberresolving detection. We show the photon-number distribution transforms from a Bose-Einstein distribution to a Poisson distribution as the number of ...

20. Gigahertz-gated InGaAs SPAD system with avalanche charge sensitivity approaching the fundamental limit
Published: 5/29/2013
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan L Migdall
Abstract: We present an InGaAs/InP single-photon detection system operating at 1.25 GHz with detection efficiency above 50 % and per-gate afterpulse probability, measured 24.8 ns after an avalanche, below 0.2 %. The high efficiency and low afterpulse probabili ...

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