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21. Virtual Cement and Concrete
Published: 9/1/2009
Authors: Jeffrey W Bullard, Chiara F Ferraris, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Nicos Martys, Paul E Stutzman, Judith Ellen Terrill
Abstract: Design and optimization of cement or concrete mixes typically is accomplished by intensive trial-and-error experimentation, primarily because the design space has many parameters and because interactions between these parameters are incompletely unde ...

22. Extending Measurement Science to Interactive Visualization Environments
Published: 1/30/2009
Authors: Judith Ellen Terrill, William L George, Terence J Griffin, John G Hagedorn, John T. Kelso, Thomas M Olano, Adele P Peskin, Steven G Satterfield, James S Sims, Jeffrey W Bullard, Joy P Dunkers, Nicos Martys, Agnes A. O'Gallagher, Gillian Haemer
Abstract: We describe a method for creating a visual laboratory to interactively measure and analyze scientific data. We move the normal activities that scientists perform to understand their data into the visualization environment. The visualization environme ...

23. Standards Development for Gas Phase Air Cleaning Equipment in Buildings
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7525
Published: 11/3/2008
Authors: Andrew Keith Persily, Cynthia H. Reed, Stephanie S Watson, Nicos Martys, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Heather Davis
Abstract: Concerns about building security have resulted in increasing interest in gas phase air cleaning (GPAC) and the need for standard methods to determine the effectiveness of these systems. Similarly, the ability to predict their installed performance, ...

24. A Comparison of Viscosity-Concentration Relationships for Emulsions
Published: 11/1/2008
Authors: Jeffrey W Bullard, A T Pauli, Edward Joseph Garboczi, Nicos Martys
Abstract: Differential Effective Medium Theory (D-EMT) is applied to derive expressions for the viscosity of a colloidal suspension or an emulsion as a function of the volume fraction of the dispersed phase. The application of D-EMT to this problem depends on ...

25. Contaminant Dispersal in Obstructed Flow
Published: 4/6/2008
Authors: Nicos Martys, Stephen J. Treado

26. Measurement and Modeling of Turbulent Flow in Water Supply Systems and Its Effect on Contaminant Transport
Published: 11/4/2007
Authors: Stephen J. Treado, Nicos Martys, Mark A Kedzierski, Stephanie S Watson, Kenneth D Cole
Abstract: This paper describes the results of a measurement and modeling research project investigating the transport, accumulation and removal of contaminants from within water supply systems, including piping, fittings and fixtures. The traditional approach ...

27. Parallel-Plate Rheometer Calibration Using Oil and Lattice Boltzmann Simulation
Published: 10/11/2007
Authors: Chiara F Ferraris, Nicos Martys, M R Geiker, N V. Muzzatti
Abstract: The flow in traditional rotational rheometers is well known and rheological parameters such as viscosity can be calculated relatively easily. On the other hand, when the fluid is a suspension that contains particles with a diameter up to 2 mm, these ...

28. Calibration of Modified Parallel-Plate Rheometer Using Standard Oil and Lattice Boltzmann Simulation
Published: 10/3/2007
Authors: Chiara F Ferraris, M R Geiker, Nicos Martys, N V. Muzzatti
Abstract: Fluid flow patterns in traditional rotational rheometers are generally well known and rheological parameters such as viscosity can be easily calculated from experimental data of single phase fluids and analytical solutions of the patterns. However, w ...

29. Cement and Concrete Materials Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Published: 9/5/2007
Authors: Edward Joseph Garboczi, Dale P Bentz, Jeffrey W Bullard, Chiara F Ferraris, Nicos Martys, Max A Peltz, Sudalin Rodrigues, Paul E Stutzman, Kenneth Alan Snyder, John A. Winpigler
Abstract: The materials science of cement and concrete is the focus of the Inorganic Materials Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These experimental and computational research efforts include component and finished materials ch ...

30. Computational Model Predictions of Suspension Rheology: Comparison to Experiment
Published: 7/25/2007
Authors: Nicos Martys, Chiara F Ferraris, V Gupta, Josephine H Cheung
Abstract: Predicting the rheological properties of fresh concrete, mortars, and cement paste from first principles remains a great challenge. While progress has been made in modeling the rheological properties of idealized hard sphere-like suspensions, there i ...

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