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Published: 1/28/2013
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki
Abstract: Sections of wood decks (1.2 m by 1.2 m) were constructed and attached to a re-entrant corner assembly. The deck/re-entrant corner assembly was then exposed to continuous, wind-driven firebrand bombardment generated by the newly developed NIST ful ...

32. Exposing Wood Decking Assemblies to Continuous Wind-Driven Firebrand Showers
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1778
Published: 12/12/2012
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki
Abstract: A series of experiments were conducted to determine vulnerabilities of wood decks to continuous, wind-driven firebrand showers. Sections of wood decks (1.2 m by 1.2 m) were constructed and attached to a re-entrant corner assembly. The deck/re ...

33. Summary of Workshop on Fire-Structure Interaction and Urban and Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires Operation Tomodachi: Fire Research
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1137
Published: 9/28/2012
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki, Tokiyoshi Yamada
Abstract: Dr. Samuel L. Manzello of NIST‰s Engineering Laboratory (EL) served as the USA side organizer of the 2nd Japan-USA workshop held in Tokyo, Japan from July 1 to July 4, 2012. This workshop was known as ,Operation Tomodachi - Fire ResearchŠ. Tomo ...

34. Characterizing Firebrand Exposure from Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) Fires: Results from the 2007 Angora Fire
Published: 9/22/2012
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Ethan I.D. Foote
Abstract: This study examines the size distribution and other characteristics of firebrand exposure during the 2007 Angora Fire, a severe Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fire in California. Of the 401 houses that received direct interface fire exposure 61% wer ...

35. Firebrand Generation Data Obtained from a Full Scale Structure Burn
Published: 7/27/2012
Authors: Sayaka S. Suzuki, Samuel L Manzello, Matthew Lage, George Laing
Abstract: A full scale, proof-of-concept experiment was conducted to investigate firebrand production from a burning structure. In this experiment, NIST researchers were invited to set up instrumentation during a structure burn down. As the structure burned, ...

36. Enabling the Study of Structure Vulnerabilities to Ignition from Wind Driven Firebrand Showers: A Summary of Experimental Results
Published: 7/18/2012
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki, Yoshihiko Hayashi
Abstract: Until recently, attempting to experimentally quantify the vulnerabilities of structures to ignition from firebrand showers has remained elusive. The coupling of a two unique facilities has begun to unravel this difficult problem. The NIST Firebrand ...

37. The Size and Mass Distribution of Firebrands collected from Ignited Building Components Exposed to Wind
Published: 7/6/2012
Authors: Sayaka S. Suzuki, Samuel L Manzello, Yoshihiko Hayashi
Abstract: Wildfires that spread into communities, commonly referred to as Wildland-Urban Interface Fires (WUI), are a significant international problem. Post-fire damage studies have suggested for some time that firebrands are a significant cause of structure ...

Published: 5/1/2012
Authors: Samuel L Manzello, Sayaka S. Suzuki, Yoshihiko Hayashi
Abstract: An experimental campaign was undertaken to determine vulnerabilities of siding treatments, walls fitted with eaves, and glazing assemblies to firebrand bombardment using the NIST Dragon installed in the Building Research Institute‰s Fire Research Win ...

39. Strategic Roadmap for Fire Risk Reduction in Buildings and Communities
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1130
Published: 4/18/2012
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Jason D Averill, Richard George Gann, Nelson P Bryner, Rick D Davis, David T Butry, Alexander Maranghides, Jiann C Yang, Daniel Madrzykowski, Matthew F Bundy, Samuel L Manzello, Jeffrey W Gilman, Francine K. Amon, William E. Mell
Abstract: The burden of fire on the U.S. economy continues to be large, comprising approximately $280 billion annually, or 2 percent of GDP. Over the last 30 years, civilian fire deaths and injuries have decreased due to the efforts of many people and org ...

Published: 3/1/2012
Author: Samuel L Manzello
Abstract: No abstract. This is an invited magazine article.

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