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31. Air Blast Loading of Cellular Media
Published: 7/1/2007
Authors: George A Gazonas, Joseph A Main
Abstract: Motivated by recent efforts to mitigate blast loading using energy-absorbing materials, this paper investigates the mechanics of uniaxial crushing of cellular sandwich plates under air blast loading using analytical and computational modeling. This m ...

32. Interpolation Procedures for Database-Assisted Design
Published: 7/1/2007
Author: Joseph A Main
Abstract: Database-assisted design (DAD) is a methodology of designing structures for wind loads that makes direct use of pressure time series from wind tunnel tests. This paper presents interpolation procedures that enable application of the DAD approach for ...

33. Database-Assisted Design of Low-Rise Buildings for Wind Loads: Recent Developments and Comparisons With ASCE/SEI 7-05
Published: 5/17/2007
Author: Joseph A Main
Abstract: While specialized wind tunnel tests are routinely conducted in the design of high-rise buildings, constraints on project budgets and timelines generally do not permit wind tunnel testing in the design of low-rise buildings. Instead, simplified wind ...

34. Comparative Inter-Laboratory Study of Wind Loading on Low Industrial Buildings
Published: 5/16/2007
Authors: Bogusz Bienkiewicz, Munehito Endo, Joseph A Main, William P. Fritz
Abstract: A progress report on an inter-laboratory comparative study of approach flow and wind pressures on low buildings is presented. The wind tunnel data generated at six wind engineering laboratories during a pilot project initiated and coordinated by the ...

35. Uniaxial Crushing of Cellular Sandwich Plates Under Air Blast
Published: 4/3/2007
Authors: Joseph A Main, George A Gazonas
Abstract: Sandwich plates with cellular metal cores are being widely considered for blast mitigation applications, due largely to the energy absorption capacity of the cellular core material. Computational simulations have shown that sandwich plates exhibit re ...

36. Vibration of Tensioned Beams With Intermediate Damper. I: Formulation, Influence of Damper Location
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: Joseph A Main, Nicholas P Jones
Abstract: Exact analytical solutions are formulated for the complex eigenmodes of tensioned beams with an intermediate viscous damper. The problem is formulated using the dynamic stiffness method, and characteristic equations are obtained for both clamped and ...

37. Vibration of Tensioned Beams with Intermediate Damper. II: Damper Near Support
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: Joseph A Main, Nicholas P Jones
Abstract: Exact analytical solutions are used to investigate the complex eigenfrequencies of tensioned beams with a viscous damper attached transversely near a support, for which the complex eigenfrequencies remain fairly close to their undamped values. This p ...

38. Automated Extraction of Wind Data From ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System) Weather Reports
Published: 5/18/2006
Authors: Franklin T. (Franklin T) Lombardo, Joseph A Main
Abstract: Wind loads for use in structural design are based in part on extreme value analysis of historical wind speed data for the location of interest. In some cases wind direction data are also required to characterize the directionality of the local wind c ...

39. Damping of Stay-Cable Vibrations: Modeling Overview and Design Implications
Published: 4/25/2006
Authors: Joseph A Main, Nicholas P Jones
Abstract: Dampers have become widely accepted as an effective means of stay-cable vibration suppression and have been implemented on numerous bridges around the world. Dampers are typically attached to the stays transversely near the anchorages, and different ...

40. Combining Wind Pressure Databases With Structural Analysis To Predict Peak Responses For Rigid Buildings
Published: 9/12/2005
Author: Joseph A Main
Abstract: A procedure is described for the design of rigid buildings for wind loading. The procedure, based on the database-assisted design (DAD) approach, uses measured pressure time series in conjunction with influence coefficients obtained by linear, static ...

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