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81. Determination of Sulfur In Fossil Fuels: User Prepared Standards With Concentrations And Uncertainties Traceable to NIST Values
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William R. Kelly, Bruce S MacDonald, Stefan D Leigh
Abstract: A procedure is presented whereby, the fossil fuel SRM user community could mix SRMs in different proportions and thereby, produce in their laboratory CRMs for sulfur in distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, and coal of almost any desired concentrat ...

82. Inter-comparison Example
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Adriana Hornikova, Maritoni Abatayo Litorja, Stefan D Leigh, J B Fowler
Abstract: This paper overviews results from Consultative Committee on Photometry and Radiometry (CCPR) the Supplementary Comparison S2. It details measurement and analysis of aperture areas involving 9 laboratories using 8 distinct artifacts, each having a dif ...

83. Relationship Between Quantitative Dispersion and Physical Properties of PMMA/SWNT Nanocomposites
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Takashi Kashiwagi, Jeffrey A Fagan, Keith Yamamoto, A N Heckert, Stefan D Leigh, Jan Obrzut, F Du, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Minfang Mu, K Winey, R Haggenmueller, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: Six PMMA/SWNT(0.5 wt%) nanocomposite samples intended to have different dispersion levels were prepared by the coagulation method using six different concentrations of SWNTs in DMF from 0.05 mg/ml to 1.2 mg/ml. The morphology of the samples was deter ...

84. The {tau}-Effective Paradox Revisited: An Extended Analysis of KovacsVolume Recovery Data on Poly (Vinyl Acetate)
Published: Date unknown
Authors: G B. McKenna, M Vangel, Andrew L Rukhin, Stefan D Leigh, B Lotz, C Straupe
Abstract: In 1964 Kovacs (A.J. Kovacs, Transition vitreuse dans les polymeres amorphes. Etude phenomenologique, Fortschr. Hochpolym.-Forsch., 3, 394-507 (1964)) published a paper in which he analyzed structural (volume) recovery data in asymmetry of approach ...

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