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31. Determination of Closed Pore Content in Nanoporous Films by SANS Contrast Match
Published: 3/1/2002
Authors: R C. Hedden, Barry J. Bauer, Hae-Jeong Lee, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Much of the recent developmental efforts in low-k dielectrics involve production of nanoporous thin films. By using synthetic technicques that leave nanometer-sized (< 5 nm) pores in the dielectric, the resultant dielectric constant can be reduced t ...

32. Nanoporous Ultra Low-Dielectric Constant Organosilicates Templated by Triblock Copolymers
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: S Y Yang, P A Mirau, C S Pai, O Nalamasu, E Reichmanis, J C Pai, Y S Obeng, J Seputro, Eric K Lin, Hae-Jeong Lee, J Sun, D Gidley
Abstract: Triblock polymers, poly(ethylene oxide-b-propylene oxide-b-ethylene oxide) (PEO-b-PPO-b-PEO), are used as molecular templates in poly(methyl silsesquioxane) (MSQ) matrices to fabricate nanoporous organosilicates. It is found that the fast solvent e ...

33. Characterization of Nanoporous Low-K Thin Films by SANS Contrast Variation
Published: Date unknown
Authors: R C. Hedden, Hae-Jeong Lee, Barry J. Bauer
Abstract: Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) contrast variation is applied to characterization of nanoporous low-dielectric constant (low-k) thin films. Films are exposed to saturated solvent vapor in air, whereby the pores fill with liquid by capillary co ...

34. Investigation of N^d2^ Plasma Effects on the Depth Profile of Hydrogen Silsesquioxane Thin Films Using High Resolution Specular X-Ray Reflectivity
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K Lin, J K Lan, Y L Cheng, H C Liou, Wen-Li Wu, Y L Wang, M S Feng, C G Chao
Abstract: Non-destructive, specular X-ray reflectivity (SXR) measurements were used to investigate N2 plasma effects on the density depth profile of hydrogen silsesquioxane (HSQ) thin films. The SXR data indicate that the density profile of an HSQ film withou ...

35. Low Dielectric Constant Nanocomposite Thin Films Based on Silica Nanoparticle and Organic Thermosets
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Q Lin, Stephen Cohen, Lynne Gignac, Brian Herbst, David Klaus, Eva Simonyi, Jeffrey Hedrick, John Warlaumont, Hae-Jeong Lee, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: Low dielectric constant (low-k) nanocomposite thin films have been prepared by spin coating and thermal cure of solution mixtures of two organic low-k thermoset pre-polymers and a silica nanoparticle with an average diameter of about 8nm. The electri ...

36. Pore Size Distributions in Low-k Thin Films by X-Ray Reflectivity and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Barry J. Bauer, Hae-Jeong Lee, R C. Hedden, Da-Wei Liu, Wen-Li Wu
Abstract: New methods have been developed to measure of pore size distributions in 1 mm films deposited on silicon wafers. Specular x-ray reflectivity (SXR) and small angle neutron scattering (SANS) have been carried out on samples surrounded by a controlled ...

37. The Pore Structure and Its Impacts on Property and Performance of a Spin-on Porous Low k Dielectric
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yiping Liu, Wen-Li Wu, B J Foran, D Gidley, Hae-Jeong Lee, Barry J. Bauer, B D. Vogt
Abstract: A methylsilsesquioxane based porous spin-on dielectric has been evaluated at International SEMETCH (ISMT) for advanced interconnect applications. The pore structures have been have been characterized with various techniques including transmission ele ...

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