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11. The water-vapor continuum and selective absorption in the 3 to 5 micrometer spectral region at temperatures from 311 K to 363 K.
Published: 5/15/2011
Authors: Yuri I. Baranov, Walter Joseph Lafferty
Abstract: Experimental data on the water vapor continuum, which are based on pure H2O spectra recorded recently at NIST with a resolution of 0.1 cm-1, are presented. The sample temperatures and pressures varied from 311 K to 364 K and from 2.8 kPa (21 torr) t ...

12. 34S16O2: High Resolution analysis of the (030), (101), (111), (002) and (201) vibrational states; Determination of equilibrium rotational constants for sulfur dioxide.
Published: 10/12/2009
Authors: Walter Joseph Lafferty, Jean-Marie Flaud
Abstract: High resolution Fourier transform spectra of a sample of sulfur dioxide enriched in 34S (95.3%). have been completely analyzed leading to a large set of assigned lines. The experimental levels derived from this set of transitions have been fit to wi ...

13. Observation of the C2H2-N2O van der Waals Complex in the Overtone Range Using CW-CRDS
Published: 9/14/2009
Author: Walter Joseph Lafferty
Abstract: A slit nozzle supersonic expansion containing acetylene (0.246l/min) and nitrous oxide (0.355l/min) seeded into Ar (1.26l/min) is investigated using CW cavity ring down spectroscopy, in the 1.5 m range. The C2H2N2O van der Waals comp ...

14. Water Vapor Continuum Absorption in the 800 cm-1 to 1250 cm-1 Spectral Region at Temperatures From 311 to 363 K
Published: 3/11/2008
Authors: Yuri I. Baranov, Walter Joseph Lafferty, Q Ma, R H Tipping
Abstract: About 200 pure water-vapor spectra covering the region from 800 cm-1 to 3500 cm-1 were recorded with resolution of 0.1 cm-1 at temperatures 311, 318, 325, 339, 352, and 363 K using a 2 m base White cell coupled to the BOMEM DA8.002 FTIR spectrometer. ...

15. Investigation of Collision-Induced Absorption in the Fundamental Bands of O^d2^ and N^d2^ at Elevated Temperatures
Published: 10/15/2007
Authors: Y Baranov, Walter Joseph Lafferty, Gerald T Fraser
Abstract: The NIST high-pressure multi-pass White absorption cell has been modified for use in high temperature studies. The temperature range of this cell is now -90o C to +90oC. Collision-induced absorption (CIA) of O2 and N2 has now been studied at temp ...

16. The First High-Resolution Analysis of the 10 [mu]m Absorption of Thioformaldehyde
Published: 10/8/2007
Authors: J.- M. Flaud, Walter Joseph Lafferty, A. Perrin, Y S Kim, Helmut Beckers
Abstract: The 10 m region of thioformaldehyde (H2CS) has been recorded at high resolution (0.005 cm-1) using a Fourier transform spectrometer. H2CS was produced by low pressure pyrolysis of a gas flow of C3H5SCH3 in Ar at 560oC or CH3SCl at 1150o C which was ...

17. High resolution analysis of the 26 and 2 9 9 bands of propane
Published: 5/8/2006
Authors: Jean-Marie Flaud, Walter Joseph Lafferty, F. Kwabia Tchana
Abstract: Using high-resolution Fourier transform spectra of propane recorded in the 13.4 μm (resolution of 0.002 cm-1) and in the 27.4 μm (resolution 0.0011 cm-1) spectral regions, it was possible to perform a thorough assignment of both the ν ...

18. Resolved Torsional Splitting in the nu^d18^ and nu^d19^ Bands of Propene
Published: 5/8/2006
Authors: Walter Joseph Lafferty, J.- M. Flaud, M Herman
Abstract: FT-jet spectra of propene were recorded at 0.005 cm-1 instrumental resolution around 950 cm-1. Thanks to the jet conditions, probably corresponding to Trot close to 80 K, the torsion degrees of freedom are efficiently cooled down and the fine structu ...

19. Investigation of collision-induced absorption in the vibrational fundamental bands of O^d2^ and N^d2^ at elevated temperatures
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Yuri I. Baranov, Gerald T Fraser, Walter Joseph Lafferty

20. Infrared Spectrum of the Continuum and Dimer Absorption in the Vicinity of the O^d2 Vibrational in O^d2/CO^d2 Mixtures
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: Y I Baranov, Walter Joseph Lafferty, Gerald T Fraser
Abstract: The intensities of the collision-induced absorption (CIA) bands associated with the electric-dipole forbidden O2 fundamental and the CO2 1/2 2 Fermi dyad monomer vibrational bands have been studied over the temperature range 193 K to 360 K and the f ...

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