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81. Elevators for Occupant Evacuation and Fire Department Access
Published: 10/23/2003
Author: Erica D Kuligowski
Abstract: This paper will present a study of the potential for elevators to reduce occupant egress time and fire department access time for fires in tall buildings. Potential reductions in egress and access times will be compared for some specific cases where ...

82. Combustion Toxicology
Published: 9/1/1997
Authors: Barbara C. Levin, Erica D Kuligowski

83. A Performance-Based Analysis of a Hotel Building Using Two Egress Models
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Erica D Kuligowski, James A Milke
Abstract: This report compares results from similar egress models based on documented evacuation movement data. When EXIT89 and Simulex1 are used to 1) simulate the same design scenarios and 2) perform a bounding analysis of the hotel building, differences i ...

84. Federal Investigation of the Evacuation of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Jason D Averill, Dennis S Mileti, Richard D Peacock, Erica D Kuligowski, N Groner, Guylene Proulx, H Nelson
Abstract: This paper presents the findings of the NIST World Trade Center Investigation describing the occupant evacuation of WTC 1 and WTC 2 on September 11, 2001. The egress system, including stairwells and elevators, is described along with the evacuation ...

85. Gender and Control in the 2001 World Trade Center Evacuation
Published: Date unknown
Author: Erica D Kuligowski
Abstract: Occupants in fire emergencies in buildings are presented with multiple pieces of information and environmental cues which produce varying levels of stress for the occupant. Occupants develop behavior response strategies to decrease their level of st ...

86. What a User Should Know About Selecting an Evacuation Model
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Erica D Kuligowski, Steve M.V. Gwynne
Abstract: In recent years, evacuation models have been increasingly applied in an attempt to understand the outcome of emergency egress scenarios. This has been due to the introduction of performance-based codes and the availability of cost-effective, high per ...

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