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Published: 1/11/2011
Authors: David L Jacobson, Richard Fu, Takeshi Shiomi, Ugur Pasaogullari, Joshua Preston, Shinichi Miyazaki, Yuichiro Tabuchi, Daniel S Hussey
Abstract: A fundamental experimental and numerical study of the water transport across a perfluorosulfonic acid (PFSA) membrane under a temperature gradient is presented. The water transport phenomenon was experimentally investigated through water flux mea ...

12. Electrically‹stimulated gradients in water and counterion concentrations within electroactive polymer actuators
Published: 2/1/2010
Authors: Jong Keun Park, Paul J. Jones, Chris Sahagun, Kirt A. Page, Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson, Sarah E Morgan, Robert B Moore
Abstract: While ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs) have been studied for more than 10 years, the specific actuation mechanism is still unclear. In this work, neutron imaging, applied potential (AP) and current sensing (CS) atomic force microscopy (AFM) me ...

13. Observations of Transient Flooding in a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Using Time-Resolved Neutron Radiography
Published: 11/10/2009
Authors: Michael A Hickner, Nathan P. Siegel, Ken S Chen, Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson
Abstract: The generation and transport of water in both the liquid and gas phases during device operation is an important area of study to understand both steady-state and transient performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Specifically, localized h ...

14. Use of Neutron Imaging for PEMFC Performance Analysis and Design
Published: 3/1/2009
Authors: T Trabold, Jon P Owejan, Jeffrey J Gagliardo, David L Jacobson, Daniel S Hussey, Muhammad Arif
Abstract: Efficient water management is one of the key design objectives for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs), due to the influence of water on material selection, hardware configuration, and stack operating conditions. Neutron imaging has proven t ...

15. Neutron Imaging Investigation of Liquid Water Distribution in and the Performance of a PEM Fuel Cell
Published: 7/1/2008
Authors: J Park, X Li, D Tran, T Abdel-Baset, Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson, Muhammad Arif
Abstract: In this study neutron radiography is applied to investigate the performance of a PEM fuel cell based on the effect of liquid water accumulation in the cell. Dynamic performance tests have been carried out on a PEM fuel cell with a specially designed ...

16. Neutron Collimation with Microchannel Plates: Calibration of Existing Technology and Near Future Possibilities
Published: 11/1/2007
Authors: Robert G Downing, Daniel S Hussey, A S Tremsin, David F. R. Mildner, W B Feller, David L Jacobson, Muhammad Arif, O H Siegmund

17. In-Situ Investigation of Water Transport in an Operating PEM Fuel Cell Using Neutron Radiography: Part 2 - Transient Water Accumulation in an Interdigitated Cathode Flow Field
Published: 7/27/2007
Authors: Jon P Owejan, T Trabold, David L Jacobson, D Baker, Daniel S Hussey, Muhammad Arif
Abstract: An interdigitated cathode flow field was tested in-situ with neutron radiography to measure the water transport through the porous gas diffusion layer in a PEM fuel cell. Constant current density to open circuit cycles were tested and the resulting ...

18. Neutron Images of the Through-Plane Water Distribution of an Operating PEM Fuel Cell
Published: 7/27/2007
Authors: Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson, Muhammad Arif, Jon P Owejan, Jeffrey J Gagliardo, T Trabold
Abstract: Neutron imaging has proven an invaluable tool for water metrology in operating proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Due to limitations in scintillator-based detector resolution, neutron imaging has been applied only to assessing the in-plane water di ...

19. Voltage Instability in a Simulated Fuel Cell Stack Correlated to Cathode Water Accumulation
Published: 7/22/2007
Authors: Jon P Owejan, T Trabold, Jeffrey J Gagliardo, Robert N Carter, Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson, Muhammad Arif
Abstract: Single fuel cells running independently are often used for fundamental studies of water transport. It is also necessary to assess the dynamic behavior of fuel cell stacks comprised of multiple cells arranged in series, thus providing many paths for f ...

20. Neutron Collimation With Microchannel Plates: Calibration of Existing Technology and Near
Published: 4/1/2007
Authors: A S Tremsin, Daniel S Hussey, David L Jacobson, Muhammad Arif, Robert G Downing, W B Feller, David F. R. Mildner
Abstract: A new type of high performance and compact neutron collimator can be manufactured from Gd- or B-doped microchannel plates (MCPs). Structures only a few mm thick have very narrow rocking curves and high out-of-angle rejection ratios, as observed previ ...

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