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1. A Generalized Confidence Interval for a Measurand in the Presence of type-A and type-B Uncertainties
Published: 4/11/2006
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: We consider the problem of estimating a measurand based on a sequence of measurements. Each measurement has both type-A and type-B errors. The measurements may have been obtained from a single experiment or several separate experiments. We investigat ...

2. Detection of influential observation in the determination of the weighted-mean KCRV
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: Since the signing of the Mutual Recognition Arrangement, National Metrology Institutes (NMI) have carried out many key comparisons in a wide range of metrological areas to establish the equivalence of their measurement standards. The determination of ...

3. Fiducial Approach to Uncertainty Assessment Accounting for Error due to Instrument Resolution
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Jan Hannig, Hariharan K Iyer, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: This paper presents an approach for making inference on the mean and variance of a Gaussian distribution in the presence of resolution errors. The approach is based on the principle of fiducial inference and requires a Monte Carlo method for computin ...

4. Fiducial Intervals for the Magnitude of a Complex-Valued Quantity
Published: 12/19/2008
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: This paper discusses a fiducial approach for constructing uncertainty intervals for the distance between k normal means and the origin. When k=2 this distance is equivalent to the magnitude of a complex-valued quantity. Uncertainty intervals for the ...

5. Fiducial Prediction Intervals
Published: 2/18/2012
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Jan Hannig, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: This paper presents an approach for constructing prediction intervals for any given distribution. The approach is based on the principle of fiducial inference. We use several examples, including the normal, binomial, gamma, and Weibull distributions, ...

6. Fiducial approach for assessing agreement between two instruments
Published: 7/9/2008
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: This paper presents an approach for making inferences about the intercept and the slope of a linear regression model with both variables subject to measurement errors. The approach is based on the principle of fiducial inference. A procedure is prese ...

7. Models and Confidence Intervals for True Values in Interlaboratory Trials
Published: 12/6/2004
Authors: Hariharan K Iyer, Chih-Ming Wang, T Mathew
Abstract: We consider the one-way random effects model with unequal sample sizes and heterogeneous variances. Using the method of generalized confidence intervals, we develop a new confidence interval procedure for the mean. Additionally, we investigate two ...

8. NIST Recommended Practice Guide: Computing Uncertainty for Charpy Impact Machine Test Results
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Published: 9/1/2007
Authors: Jolene D Splett, Christopher N McCowan, Hariharan K Iyer, Chih-Ming Wang
Abstract: The purpose of this recommended practice guide is to demonstrate how to determine the uncertainty associated with mean absorbed energy of specimens tested on a Charpy impact machine. We assume that the Charpy machine has successfully met the requirem ...

9. On Higher Order Corrections for Propagating Uncertainties
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: The ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) recommends the use of a first-order Taylor series expansion for propagating errors and uncertainties. The GUM also suggests the use of a second-order Taylor series approximation for ...

10. On Multiple-Method Studies
Published: 10/4/2010
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Hariharan K Iyer
Abstract: In this paper we review statistical models that describe measurements from a multiple-method study such as in the development of a reference material. We also review requirements for the so-called GUM compliance as this appears to be an important cri ...

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