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21. Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Between Donor-Acceptor Pair on Two Oligonucleotides Hybridized Adjacently to a DNA Template
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: Lili Wang, Adolfas Kastytis Gaigalas, J L. Blasic, Marcia J Holden, David Travis Gallagher, R Pires
Abstract: We have used fluorescein as the energy donor and rhodamine as the acceptor to measure the efficiency of fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) in a set of hybridized DNA constructs. The two fluorophores are covalently attached via linkers to t ...

22. Structural Alterations of the Heme Environment of Cytochrome P450cam and the Y96F Mutant as Deduced by Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Published: 1/1/2003
Authors: G Niaura, Vytautas Reipa, M P. Mayhew, Marcia J Holden, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Resonance Raman spectroscopy at 2.5 cm-1 resolution was used to probe differences in wild type and Y96F mutant P450cam (CYP101), both with and without bound camphor or styrene substrates. In the substrate-free state, the spin state equilibrium is sh ...

23. Chorismate Lyase: Kinetics and Engineering for Stability
Published: 1/31/2002
Authors: Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, David Travis Gallagher, V L. Vilker
Abstract: By removing the enolpyruvyl group from chorismate, chorismate lyase (CL) produces p-hydroxybenzoate (p-HB) for the ubiquinone biosynthetic pathway. We have analyzed CL by several spectroscopic and chemical techniques and measured its kinetic (k^dcat^ ...

24. Benzocycloarene Hydroxylation by P450 Biocatalysis
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: M P. Mayhew, A. E. Roitberg, Yadu D. Tewari, Marcia J Holden, David J. Vanderah, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Experimental and theorectical studies of the hydroxylation of a family of benzocycloarene compounds (benzocyclobutene, benzocyclopentene (indan), benzocyclohexene (tetralin), and benzocycloheptene) by wild type P450cam and mutant Y96F P450cam were pe ...

25. Redox Control of the P450cam Catalytic Cycle: Effects of Y96F Active Site Mutation and Binding of a Non-Natural Substrate
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Vytautas Reipa, M P. Mayhew, Marcia J Holden, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Spectroelectrochemical measurements are used to demonstrate that active site mutation and binding of a non-natural substrate to P450cam (CYP101) reduces the shift in the redox potential caused by substrate-binding, and thereby results in slower catal ...

26. The Crystal Structure of Chorismate Lyase Shows a New Fold and a Tightly Retained Product
Published: 8/15/2001
Authors: David Travis Gallagher, M P. Mayhew, Marcia J Holden, A J Howard, K J Kim, V L. Vilker
Abstract: The enzyme chorismate lyase (CL) catalyzes the removal of pyruvate from chorismate to produce 4-hydroxy benzoate (4HB) for the ubiquinone pathway. In Escherichia coli, CL is monomeric with 164 residues; we have determined the structure of the CL pro ...

27. The Electronic Spectrum of the Prephenate Dianion. An Experimental and Theoretical (MD/QM) Comparison
Published: 8/2/2000
Authors: A. E. Roitberg, S. E. Worthington, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, Morris Krauss
Abstract: Prephenate is the product of a Claisen rearrangement of chorismate. The enzyme chorismate mutase (CM from B. subtilis) accelerates the reaction by a factor of 10^u6^. The standard method for quantifying prephenate measures the electronic absorption ...

28. Temperature Dependence of the Formal Reduction Potential of Putidaredoxin
Published: 7/20/2000
Authors: Vytautas Reipa, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Putidaredoxin (Pdx), a [2Fe-2S] redox protein of size M^dr^ transfers two electrons in two separate steps from the flavin containing putidaredoxin reductase to the heme protein, cytochrome CYP101 in the P450cam catalytic cycle. It has recently come ...

29. Improving the Cytochrome P450 Enzyme System for Electrode-Driven Biocatalysis of Styrene Epoxidation
Published: 7/1/2000
Authors: M P. Mayhew, Vytautas Reipa, Marcia J Holden, V L. Vilker
Abstract: Cytochrome P450 enzymes catalyze a vast array of oxidative and reductive biotransformations that are potentially useful for industrial and pharmaceutical syntheses. Factors such as cofactor utilization and slow reaction rates for non-natural substra ...

30. Variation in the Formal Reduction Potential of an (2FE-2S) Iron-Sulfur Protein and its Mutants
Published: 5/1/2000
Authors: V L. Vilker, Vytautas Reipa, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew
Abstract: We have been pursuing the detailed pathway by which cytochrome P450cam (CYP101) transfers electrons through a three diffusible protein subunit system, and how this system might be engineered to eliminate nonessential subunits and the costly NADH cofa ...

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