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Series: OTHER
Published: 1/1/1996
Authors: Valeri Ivan Babushok, Donald R Burgess Jr., T Noto, Anthony P Hamins, Wing Tsang, A W Miziolek
Abstract: Numerical simulations of the combustion of a number of fuels; (CH,, CH,OH, C2H,, GH, and C&J in air, in the presence and absence of fire suppressants, (CF,Br, CFJ, CF,, Cm3, GF6, and QF5H) have been carried out The simulations considered reactions ...

132. Suppression of Engine Nacelle Fires (NIST SP 890)
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 890
Published: 11/1/1995
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Thomas George Cleary, P. Borthwick, N Gorchkov, Kevin B McGrattan, Glenn P Forney, William L Grosshandler, Cary Presser, L Melton
Abstract: A series of experimental measurements were conducted and simple models were developed in an effort to provide an improved understanding of the influence of various parameters on the processes controlling flame stability in engine nacelle applications ...

133. Suppression Criteria in Engine Nacelle Fires
Published: 10/21/1995
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Thomas George Cleary
Abstract: A series of experimental measurements were conducted and simple models were developed in an effort to provide an improved understanding of the influence of various parameters on the processes controlling flame stability in engine nacelle applications ...

134. Suppression of Ignition Over a Heated Metal Surface
Published: 9/10/1995
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, P. Borthwick, Cary Presser
Abstract: The objective of this work is to investigate the effectiveness of various agents in suppressing flame ignition. Experiments were conducted to determine the amount of agent needed to suppress the ignition of a gaseous propane flow over a heated metal ...

135. Comparisons of the Soot Volume Fraction Using Gravimetric and Light Extinction Techniques
Published: 7/1/1995
Authors: M. Y. Choi, George William Mulholland, Anthony P Hamins, Takashi Kashiwagi
Abstract: Simultaneous optical and gravimetric measurements were performed in the postflame region of an acetylene/air premixed flame where the temperature of the soot/gas mixture was reduced to 500 K through nitrogen dilution. By combining gravimetric measure ...

136. Volume Rendering of Pool Fire Data
Published: 7/1/1995
Authors: H. Rushmeier, Anthony P Hamins, M Y Choi
Abstract: In a pool fire, an ignited puddle or pool of liquid fuel burns in the atmosphere. Understanding pool fires is important to devising methods to control the hazards resulting from spilled fuels. In this case study we consider techniques for visualizing ...

137. Aspects of Flame Suppression (NISTIR 5766)
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 5766
Published: 6/28/1995
Author: Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: Give guidance on the performance of fire suppression systems in engine nacelles.

138. Characteristics of Pool Fire Burning
Published: 6/20/1995
Authors: Anthony P Hamins, Takashi Kashiwagi, R Buch
Abstract: The structure and energetics of hydrocarbons burning in a pool fire configuration are reviewed. Examples of non-hydrocarbons are also presented. The character and structure of pool fires are discussed with special regard to the flame shape, flame pul ...

139. Tomographic Reconstruction of the Local PDFS of Soot Volume Fraction and Temperature
Published: 4/23/1995
Authors: Y. R. Sivathanu, Anthony P Hamins, Robert Charles Hagwood, Takashi Kashiwagi
Abstract: Deconvolution of local properties from line-of-sight measurements is important in a wide variety of applications such as x-ray tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, atmospheric sciences, optical inteferometry and flow field diagnostics. The ...

140. Heat Release Mechanisms in Inhibited Laminar Counterflow Flames (Conference)
Published: 11/6/1994
Authors: Ki Yong Lee, Don J. Cha, I K Puri, Anthony P Hamins
Abstract: Both the chemical kinetic and thermal channels of inhibition must be simultaneously characterized in order to understand the effectiveness of chemical agents on flame stability. However, due to the participation of inhibitors in flame chemistry, it i ...

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