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21. Compact and Distributed Modeling of Cryogenic Bulk MOSFET Operation
Published: 6/1/2010
Authors: Akin Akturk, M. Holloway, S. Potbhare, David J Gundlach, B Li, Neil Goldsman, M Peckerar, Kin P Cheung
Abstract: We have developed compact and physics-based distributed numerical models for cryogenic bulkMOSFET operation down to 20 K to advance simulation and first-pass design of device and circuit operation at low temperatures. To achieve this, we measured and ...

22. Probing Stress Effects in Single Crystal Organic Transistors by Scanning Kelvin Probe Microscopy
Published: 5/1/2010
Authors: L C Teague, Oana Jurchescu, Curt A Richter, Sanker Subramanian, John E Anthony, Thomas Jackson, David J Gundlach, James Kushmerick
Abstract: We report scanning Kelvin probe microscopy SKPM of single crystal difluoro bistriethylsilylethynyl anthradithiophene diF-TESADT organic transistors. SKPM provides a direct measurement of the intrinsic charge transport in the crystals independent of c ...

23. Using Interfacial Chemistry to Improve the Performance of Organic Semiconductor Devices
Published: 4/28/2010
Author: David J Gundlach

24. Flexible Titanium Dioxide Memory
Published: 4/25/2010
Authors: Nadine Emily Gergel-Hackett, Laurie Stephey, Barbara Dunlap, Behrang H Hamadani, David J Gundlach, Curt A Richter

25. High performance airbrushed organic thin film transistors
Published: 3/30/2010
Authors: Calvin Chan, Lee J Richter, Brad Anthony Dinardo, Cherno Jaye, Brad Conrad, Hyun W. Ro, David Germack, Daniel A Fischer, Dean M DeLongchamp, David J Gundlach

26. Characterization of Soluble Anthradithiophene Derivatives
Published: 3/18/2010
Authors: Brad Conrad, Calvin Chan, Marsha A. Loth, John E Anthony, David J Gundlach
Abstract: We will discuss the growth and electrical measurements of a newly developed, partially fluorinated anthradithiophene (F-ADT) derivative with tert-butyldiphenylsilyl (TBDMS) side groups. Single crystals of the material can be readily grown and device ...

27. Electrical and structural characterization of high performance airbrushed organic thin film transistors
Published: 3/18/2010
Authors: Calvin Chan, Lee J Richter, Cherno Jaye, Brad Conrad, Hyun W. Ro, David Germack, Daniel A Fischer, Dean M DeLongchamp, David J Gundlach

28. Noise in Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes Under High Electric Field Stress
Published: 3/15/2010
Authors: Curt A Richter, Oana Jurchescu, Xuelei Liang, David J Gundlach, Albert Liao, Pop Eric

29. Thin film morphology of organic electronic materials
Published: 3/1/2010
Authors: Xinran Zhang, Steven D Hudson, Dean M DeLongchamp, David J Gundlach
Abstract: Organic electronic materials are desired for low-cost printed circuits. As expected, the microstructure of these materials is crucial for their performance, such as charge-carrier mobility. These materials typically comprise anisotropic molecules, ...

30. Mapping Grain Orientation of High Mobility Thienothiophene Copolymer Thin Films by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis
Published: 12/11/2009
Authors: Xiaohua Zhang, Steven D Hudson, Dean M DeLongchamp, David J Gundlach

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