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11. Statistical analysis of a round-robin measurement survey of two candidate materials for a Seebeck coefficient Standard Reference Material
Published: 2/2/2009
Authors: John Lu, Nathan Lowhorn, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Weiping Zhang, Evan L. Thomas, Makoto Otani, Martin L Green, Thanh N. Tran, Chris Caylor, Neil Dilley, Adams Downey, B Edwards, Norbert Elsner, S Ghamaty, Timothy Hogan, Qing Jie, Qiang Li, Joshua Brooks Martin, George S. Nolas, H Obara, Jeffrey Sharp, Rama Venkatasubramanian, Rhonda Willigan, Jihui Yang, Terry Tritt
Abstract: In an effort to develop a Standard Reference Material (SRM ) for Seebeck coefficient, we have conducted a round-robin measurement survey of two candidate materials undoped Bi2Te3 and constantan (55% Cu and 45% Ni alloy). Measurements were performe ...

12. Round-Robin Studies of Two Potential Seebeck Coefficient Standard Reference Materials
Published: 1/14/2009
Authors: Nathan Lowhorn, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Weiping Zhang, John Lu, Makoto Otani, Evan L. Thomas, Martin L Green, Thanh Tran
Abstract: The scientific activities of NIST include the development and distribution of standard reference materials (SRM) for instrument calibration and inter-laboratory data comparison. Full characterization of a thermoelectric material requires measurement ...

13. Combinatorial study of the crystallinity boundary in the HfO2-TiO2-Y2O3 system using pulsed laser deposition library thin films
Published: 5/16/2008
Authors: Peter K. Schenck, Jennifer L Klamo, Nabil Bassim, Peter G. Burke, Yvonne Beatrice Gerbig, Martin L Green
Abstract: HfO2-TiO2-Y2O3 is an interesting high-k dielectric system.  Combinatorial library films of this system enable the study of the role of composition on phase formation as well as optical and mechanical properties.  A library film of this syst ...

14. Close Proximity Self-Aligned Shadow Mask for Sputter Deposition Onto a Membrane or Cavity
Published: 5/5/2008
Authors: Ravi Kummamuru, L Hu, Lawrence P. Cook, M Y Efremov, E A Olson, Martin L Green, L H Allen
Abstract: In this paper we report fabrication of a shadow mask designed for sputtering into cavities or on the back surface of freestanding silicon nitride (SiNx) membranes. Sputter deposition through a shadow mask typically results in spreading of the deposit ...

15. Determination of Work Functions in the Ta^d1-x^Al^dx^N^dy^/HfO^d2^ Advanced Gate Stack Using Combinatorial Methodology
Published: 1/24/2008
Authors: Kao-Shuo Chang, Martin L Green, Jason Hattrick-Simpers, John S Suehle, Ichiro Takeuchi, Ozgur Celik, S De Gendt
Abstract: Combinatorial methodology enables the generation of comprehensive and uniform samples, and therefore data sets, compared to the one-composition-at-a-time approach. We demonstrate the efficacy of combinatorial methodology applied to Ta1-xAlxNy alloy ...

16. Combinatorial Methodology for the Exploration of Metal Gate Electrodes on HfO^d2^ for the Advanced Gate Stack
Published: 1/23/2008
Authors: Kao-Shuo Chang, Martin L Green, John S Suehle, Jason Hattrick-Simpers, Ichiro Takeuchi, K Ohmori, T Chikyow, S De Gendt, Prashant Majhi
Abstract: Combinatorial methodology offers an efficient platform to accelerate the exploration of new materials. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this technique on the study of new metal gates for the advanced gate stack. We report two examples, Ni-Ti-Pt te ...

17. Design and Spectroscopic Reflectometry Characterization of Pulsed Laser Deposition Combinatorial Libraries
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: Peter K. Schenck, Nabil Bassim, Makoto Otani, Hiroyuki Oguchi, Martin L Green

18. Development of High-throughput Thermoelectric Screening Tool for Combinatorial Thin Libraries
Published: 11/30/2007
Authors: Makoto Otani, K Itaka, Winnie K Wong-Ng, H Koinuma, Martin L Green

19. A high-throughput thermoelectric power-factor screening tool for rapid construction of thermoelectric property diagrams
Published: 9/24/2007
Authors: Makoto Otani, N D Lowhorn, Peter K. Schenck, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Martin L Green, K Itaka, H Koinuma

20. Instability of Flatband Voltage in HfO2 Gate Stack Structures under Reducing/Oxidizing Annealing Conditions
Published: 8/13/2007
Authors: K Ohmori, P Ahmet, M Yoshitake, T Chikyow, K Shiraishi, K Yamabe, H Watanabe, Y Akasaka, Kao-Shuo Chang, Martin L Green, K Yamada
Abstract: We have applied a combinatorial approach to fabricate work function (WF) tuned Pt-W alloy films and used the films as metal electrodes for HfO2/SiO2/Si capacitors. As the ratio RPt of Pt to W changes from 0 to 1, the WF value varies continuously from ...

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