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141. Polarized Light Scattering and its Application to Microroughness, Particle, and Defect Detection
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, D G Seiler, W M Bullis, A C Diebold, R Mcdonald, T J Shaffner

142. SFRF: Spatial Frequency Response Function Estimation Program
Published: 11/10/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Clara C. Asmail
Abstract: Measurements of optical scatter are often employed in production line diagnostics for surface roughness of silicon wafers. However, the geometry of the optical scatter instrumentation lacks universal standardization, making it difficult to compare v ...

143. Scattering From Sinusoidal Gratings
Published: 9/1/1997
Authors: B C. Park, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, Thomas Avery Germer, Egon Marx
Abstract: Laser light scattering from holographic sinusoidal gratings has been investigated with a view to its use in the calibration of the linearity of BRDF instruments, a task that requires a wide dynamic range in the scattered intensity. An aluminum-coated ...

144. A Goniometric Optical Scatter Instrument for Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Measurements with Out-of-plane and Polarimetry Capabilities, ed. by Z.H. Gu and A.A. Maradudin
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Clara C. Asmail

145. Angular Dependence and Polarization of Out-of-plane Optical Scattering from Particulate Contamination, Subsurface Defects, and Surface Microroughness
Published: 1/1/1997
Author: Thomas Avery Germer

146. Bidirectional Ellipsometry and its Application to the Characterization of Surfaces, ed. by D.H. Goldstein and R.A. Chipman
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Clara C. Asmail

147. Depletion-electric-field-induced Second-harmonic Generation Near Oxidized GaAs (001) Surfaces
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, K W Kolasinski, John C. Stephenson, L J Richter

148. Polarization of Out-of-plane Scattering from Microrough Silicon
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Thomas Avery Germer, Clara C. Asmail, B W Scheer

149. Scattering from Sinusoidal Gratings, ed. by Z.H. Gu and A.A. Maradudin
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: B C Park, T V Vorburger, Thomas Avery Germer, E Marx

150. SCATMECH: Polarized Light Scattering C++ Class Library (Version 3.00)
Published: 5/6/1996
Author: Thomas Avery Germer
Abstract: A C++ object class library has been developed to distribute bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) models for light scattering from surfaces. Emphasis has been given to those models which are physically-based and which predict the po ...

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