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71. Reflectometer for Measurements of Scattering from Photodiodes and Other Low Scattering Surfaces
Published: 7/20/1990
Authors: R. Kohler, J. E. Luther, Jon C Geist

72. Surface-Field Induced Feature in the Quantum Yield of Silicon Near 3.5 eV
Published: 7/15/1990
Authors: Jon C Geist, J. L. Gardner, F. J. Wilkinson

73. Blocked Impurity Band and Superlattice Detectors: Prospects for Radiometry
Published: 12/31/1989
Author: Jon C Geist

74. Current Status of, and Future Directions in, Silicon Photodiode Self-Calibration
Published: 12/31/1989
Author: Jon C Geist

75. The Absorption Cross Section of As in Si
Published: 12/31/1989
Authors: Jon C Geist, M. G. Stapelbroek, M. D. Petroff

76. High Accuracy Modeling of Photodiode Quantum Efficiency
Published: 9/15/1989
Authors: Jon C Geist, H. P. Baltes

77. Analytic Representation of the Silicon Absorption Coefficient in the Indirect Transision Region
Published: 9/1/1989
Authors: Jon C Geist, A. Migdall, H. P. Baltes

78. Infrared Absorption Cross Section of Arsenic in Silicon in the Impurity Band Region of Concentration
Published: 3/15/1989
Author: Jon C Geist

79. Silicon Photodiode Self-Calibration, in Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry
Published: 12/31/1988
Author: Jon C Geist

80. An X-Ray Monochromator Crystal Which Detects the Bragg Condition
Published: 5/1/1988
Authors: Terrence J Jach, Donald B. Novotny, G. P. Carver, Jon C Geist, R D Spal

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