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1. Accurate multiconfiguration calculations of energy levels, lifetimes and transition rates for the silicon isoelectronic sequence: Ti IX - Ge XIX, Sr XXV, Zr XXVII, Mo XXIX
Published: 12/6/2015
Authors: P. Jonsson, L Radziute, G. Gaigalas, M. Godefroid, J P Marques, T Brage, Charlotte Fischer, I. P. Grant
Abstract: Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock (MCDHF) calculations and relativistic configuration interaction (RCI) calculations are performed for states of the 3s23p2, 3s3p3 and 3s23p3d configurations in the Si-like ions Ti IX - Ge XIX, Sr XXV, Zr XXVII, M ...

2. Advances in Atomic Structure Calculations
Published: Date unknown
Author: Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: Correlation and relativistic effects are both needed for accurate atomic structure calculations of energy levels and their atomic properties. For transition probabilities between low-lying levels of a spectrum, accurate wave functions for the outer r ...

3. DBSR_HF: A B-spline Dirac-Hartree-Fock program
Published: 1/8/2016
Authors: O Zatsarinny, Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: A B-spline version of a general Dirac-Hartree-Fock program is described. The usual differential equations are replaced by set of generalized eigenvalue problems of the form (Ha . åa B)Pa = 0, where Pa designates the two-component relativistic orbita ...

4. Improved Transition Oscillator Probabilities for Laser Transitions in Xe I
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Abhijit Dasgupta, J P Apruzes, O Zatsarinny, K Bartschat, Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: The atomic xenon laser is among the most efficient and powerful of thenear-infrared gas lasers, especially when pumped by molecular ions in an Ar-Xemixture. Accurate oscillator strengths for the laser transitions are criticaltodeveloping a fundamenta ...

5. Large-scale MCHF Calculation of the Li I 4d-4f Energy Separation
Published: 11/1/2007
Authors: Yuri Ralchenko, Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: The calculational methods in atomic structure are currently capable of providing the level of accuracy close to that of the most precise experiments. The multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock method is applied to calculation of the 4d--4f energy difference ...

6. Laser Transition Probabilities in Xe I
Published: 7/1/2006
Authors: Abhijit Dasgupta, J P Apruzes, O Zatsarinny, K Bartschat, Charlotte Fischer
Abstract: The atomic xenon laser is among the most efficient and powerful of the near-infrared gas lasers, especiallywhen pumped by molecular ions in an Ar-Xe mixture. Accurate transition probabilities for the laser transitionsare critical in developing a fund ...

7. Lifetimes of some 2s22p 2P3=2 states from variational theory
Published: 2/5/2016
Authors: Charlotte Fischer, Ian P. Grant, G. Gaigalas, P. Rynkun

8. Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock Energies and Transition Probabilities for 2p^u4^(^u3^ P)3d -- 2p^u4^(^u3^ P)4f Transitions in Ne II
Published: 4/1/2008
Authors: Charlotte Fischer, Yuri Ralchenko
Abstract: Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock energy levels, lifetimes, and transition probabilities for transitions between $2p^4(\Term 3 P {}/)3d$ and $2p^4(\Term 3 P {}/)4f$ levels of Ne~II are reported from calculations that included the effect of core-p ...

9. Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock energy levels and transition probabilities for 3d^u5^ in Fe IV
Published: 12/21/2008
Authors: Charlotte Fischer, R. Rubin, M. Rodriguez
Abstract: Multiconfiguration Dirac-Hartree-Fock electric quadrupole (E2) and magnetic dipole (M1) transition probabilities are reported for transitions between levels of $3d^5$ in {Fe~\sc{iv}.} The accuracy of the {\sl ab initio} energy levels and the agreeme ...

10. Relativistic All-Order and MCHF Calculations of the 4d - 4f Energy Separation in Li I
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M S. Safronova, Charlotte Fischer, Y Ralchenko
Abstract: We present calculation of the 4d-4f energy separation in Li I using two advanced teqhniques in atomic structure theory, namely, relativistic all-order method and multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock (MCHF) method. The accuracy of our calculations is also ...

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