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111. The Detector-Based Candela Scale and Related Photometric Calibration Procedures at NIST
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: Yoshihiro Ohno, C L Cromer, Jonathan E Hardis, George P Eppeldauer

112. A Method of Realizing Spectral Irradiance Based on an Absolute Cryogenic Radiometer, in {I}Proc. IVth Conference of New Developments in Absolute Radiometry,{I} 1992
Published: 1/1/1993
Authors: Bettye C Johnson, C L Cromer, Robert D. Saunders, George P Eppeldauer, J B Fowler, V I Sparitsky, G Dezsi

113. Characterization of a High Sensitivity Composite Silicon Bolometer
Published: 1/1/1993
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, A Midgall, C L Cromer

114. The NIST Detector-Based Photometric Scale
Published: 1/1/1993
Authors: C L Cromer, George P Eppeldauer, Jonathan E Hardis, Thomas C Larason, Albert C Parr

115. Luminous-Intensity Measurements of Sources using a New Detector-Based Illuminance Scale
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, C L Cromer, Jonathan E Hardis

116. Fourteen Decade Photocurrent Measurements with Large Area Silicon Photodiodes at Room Temperature
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Jonathan E Hardis

117. Temperature Monitored/Controlled Silicon Photodiodes for Standardization
Published: 1/1/1991
Author: George P Eppeldauer

118. A Reference Tristimulus Colorimeter
Published: Date unknown
Author: George P Eppeldauer
Abstract: The accuracy of tristimulus colorimeters can be increased by using detector standards instead of traditional lamp standards for calibration. After high accuracy absolute spectral response determination of the color channels, spectral and amplitude c ...

119. A Spectrally Tunable Solid-State Source for Radiometric, Photometric and Colorimetric Applications
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Irena Fryc, Steven W Brown, George P Eppeldauer, Yoshihiro Ohno

120. AC-Mode SW-IR Radiation Thermometers for Measurement of Ambient Temperatures
Published: Date unknown
Authors: George P Eppeldauer, Howard W Yoon
Abstract: Recent improvements in the fabrication technology of short-wave infrared (SWIR) quantum detectors opened a new era in radiation thermometry. Ambient and higher temperatures can be measured with low uncertainties using thermoelectrically (TE) cooled e ...

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